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        “Namtar, Humans need you,” Dumizi’s desperation was just audible in his voice.

        “Fate consumes the lives of Human. I have said that in the past...” Namtar said with a shake of his head.

        “I beg you, Namtar. I am sorry,” Dumuzi bowed as he implored for help.

        “Dumuzi, I am not refusing to return because of what you did to me. The reason for this is because everything is predestined. Fate wants this calamity for mankind,” Namtar answered indifferently.

        Even before Dumuzi and Ninurta found Namtar, Dumuzi had known that Namtar would not easily agree to return. He had thought of many possible ways to bring him back. The first was to abandon his social status; then, he would implore Namtar for his return and apologize for his previous actions. Unfortunately, Namtar remained resolute against returning.

        “Namtar, if this is the case, then we shall use force!” At this moment, Ninurta suddenly struck out.

        Dumuzi’s second approach was to have Ninurta capture him and bring him back.

        “If you defeat me, that would also be the will of fate,” Namtar’s expression remained unemotional.

        Just as Ninurta’s huge hands were about to grab him, a purple barrier stopped his hand. The barrier enveloped the huge hand which actually started rusting. Ninurta immediately pulled his hand back, but the huge hand had already been corroded into rust. A wave of purple mist gathered in Namtar’s hands.

        “My brothers, fate had once driven me to help you, but in the help, fate changed its mind.”

        “No one can control fate, while the fate of humanity is to have its life consumed by the pestilence in my hands.”

        Dumuzi suddenly grabbed Namtar’s hands.

        “You are wrong. Everyone can control fate, Namtar. Fate is not everything.”

        “Teacher told me that I did not understand fate. What is wrong with me following it?”

        “You have truly never understood fate. All you do is blindly following its will. Namtar, if you come back to me, then, you can truly understand fate. Ninurta had brought back the Tome of Fate. Namtar, I ask you, do you wish to understand fate?”

        “You possess the Tome of Fate? Yes! I want to understand fate! I will return with you!”

        Dumuzi’s final approach was to tempt Namtar with the Tome of Fate. This approach’s effectiveness was palpable. As someone who claimed to follow fate, Namtar would obviously be drawn by the Tome of Fate.

        Seeing Namtar acquiesce, Dumuzi’s biggest worry was resolved. Yet, he had an ominous premonition. He looked over at where Humans lived...