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        “Unorganized.” This was the first impression underworld had given Hades when he succeeded the place as ruler.

        Although the sights and views of underworld was not much different from the realm of Humans, it was important to remember that time did not flow there. All had remained the same as it had been when it was first created. Lost souls of the deceased abounded in underworld, floating around aimlessly. Harnessing immense godly power, Hades was able to retain his body in underworld. He divided the void into various sections, and assigned the souls of the deceased to proceed towards their designated zones. Hades also created a temple of his own, and acted as the new lord of underworld ever since.

        Hades liked underworld’s tranquility; souls of the deceased’s wails were requiems of pathos. As time passed throughout the other realms, the number of souls escalated in underworld. The growth was especially rapid when the wars began; hundreds of new souls would arrive daily. From their words, Hades was able to learn what was happening in the realms...

        “As if having been thrown into the ocean was not already worthy of ridicule; but now, that Poseidon would actually go to such folly for a mere woman?” From Athena’s dead follower’s words, Hades easily conjectured the cause of war.

        The reason why Zeus had not interfered with Hades was because Hades had become lord of underworld, a place where no Gods dared near. Hades was not interested in conquering heaven or the realm of Humans, but he did not agree with Zeus’ approach either. Therefore, seeing the arrogant Zeus’ vexed expression became one of his chief enjoyments. No matter who visited underworld for his favor — even Demons — he would generously offer his help in the hopes of seeing Zeus’ agonized face.

        Yet, though Hades appeared to be indifferent about all, there was something to which he had never made concessions.

        When Heroic Age neared its end, the number of Human and beast souls suddenly inflated. Although it was fewer than it had been in the time of wars induced by Gods, the souls now were roaming around without order, prompting noise in the usually quiet underworld. Hence, Hades ordered Cerberus to investigate the cause of the incident. It was not until then did he realize the existence of Osiris, an individual who had been granted immortality by the souls of the deceased. They chose him to be their guide, leading them where they can truly rest in peace.

        Hades suddenly appeared in front of Osiris. In a mere glance, Osiris had already realized that he was no match to the visitor. Because he had led an enormous number of souls to underworld without Hades’ permission, Osiris was worried if the lord of underworld bore hostility, prompting him to take a fighting stance in case he had to escape. However, Hades had never intended to fight and instead, he visited for a negotiation, though it was probably a one-way discussion —

        “Osiris, I do not oppose if you want to guide souls of the deceased to underworld. But you have to at least determine where they should stay in my territory; now their voices can even reach my quiet hall!” Before Osiris could respond, Hades had already conjured dark elements, which then assembled into a map of underworld; the lord instructed Osiris on how to assign souls of the deceased to their designated sections.

        Osiris was surprised to see that the indifferent Hades had always governed the organization of underworld. As the lord of underworld did not oppose his attempt to guide souls to underworld, and was willing to give them a proper place to rest eternally, Osiris agreed to all the rules Hades had proposed.

        When Osiris exercised Hades’ plan to assign souls to different sections, he personally witnessed the orderly lives of souls at their designated places; none would break the rules, and intrude into other sections. Experiencing such organization, Osiris could not help but appreciate Hades’ governance.

        “Underworld is my territory. Whoever arrives shall listen to my orders; not even Gods’ souls can be exceptions!” — God of Underworld, Hades