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        Zeus threw a lightning bolt at Poseidon, casting him into the ocean. Poseidon's legs were fractured during the impact. Poseidon met Cthulhu, the ruler of the Ocean, in the realm of Humans and the two of them had a fierce battle. As Poseidon stabbed Cthulhu to death, its blood spilled onto his wounded legs, penetrating into his body and causing tentacle like limbs to grow. As he rested after the fight, the power of Cthulhu began to affect Poseidon and he had a dream of an alternative life…
        Poseidon met a maiden named Medusa on the seashore. This was his first time meeting her, but he was already attracted to Medusa by her beauty and kindness. Poseidon never revealed his true identity to Medusa, the only thing she knew about him was that he was a man living in the ocean. They met on the seaside at dusk every weekend. Poseidon would tell her stories about the ocean; while Medusa would share all sorts of interesting stories that had happened on land.
        One day while sitting on a rock on the shore, Medusa looked confused. Poseidon arrived and swam to her. She still looked puzzled. However, whenever she heard the tides, she knew Poseidon had arrived.
        “If I become the priestess of the God of the Sea, my prayers will thank him for calming the unsteady sea; if I become the priestess of the Goddess of Wisdom, I will pray for bountiful harvests. Which one should I choose?”
        Medusa looked into Poseidon's eyes and waited for his reply; Poseidon did not look away, but the ambience suffocated him for the first time. He pondered the question for awhile. On one hand, Poseidon should not influence her decision; on the other hand, he had an unquenchable desire for her. Seeing that Poseidon gave no response, Medusa cheerfully laughed, and said: “Becoming a priestess is my own decision. I shouldn’t consult other people. Sorry, let’s pretend this never happened——”
        “Be my priestess!”
        Poseidon interrupted Medusa, stunning her. Suddenly, an azure light gleamed and Poseidon revealed his lower body which had been hidden in the sea. He raised his right hand and clenched his fist. The water then became Poseidon’s trident, the unique symbol of the God of the Sea.
        “The ocean shall accept you.”
        Poseidon reached out his hand towards Medusa. She was hesitant for a moment, but finally accepted his offer with a smile. As both of their hands touched, Medusa became his priestess.

        Since Medusa became Poseidon’s priestess, the ocean was peaceful and fish landings were rich. People attributed the boons to Medusa. However, they did not know that Poseidon was only doing this to see Medusa smile and that it wasn't for the sake of the humans. Medusa and Poseidon still met on the shore at dusk every weekend. Sometimes, he told her more the warrior stories, but most of the time he just remained silent, listening to her report on the humans’ prayers. Poseidon would lean and rest on her shoulder every now and then. While he rested, he would at times unintentionally hum a demonic melody, which was then unknowingly imprinted in Medusa's mind. Even she began to hum that tune spontaneously…
        At first, only Poseidon and Medusa would sing the melody, but the demonic tune was so catchy that the rest of the inhabitants couldn't forget it once they heard it. Thus, the song spread from onc place to another, and eventually reached the priestess of Athena and her believers. Athena could sense a bizarre power hidden within the tune, so she forbade her believers to hum it.
        “Stop singing! It’s an evil tune. Forget it!”
        “But the song keeps lingering in our minds…”
        “Where did you hear it?”
        After a thorough investigation, the believers began to tell Athena the origins of the song: from kids to farmers, farmers to women, women to fishermen, and finally pointing their finger to one person——Medusa, the priestess of Poseidon! The angry Athena rushed to Poseidon’s temple and dragged Medusa out of the temple. Just as Athena was about to attack Medusa with her spear, a water sphere was shot towards her, so Athena had to jump back and dodge the attack.
        “She is my priestess! Athena, what is the meaning of this?”
        “She’s the one spreading the demonic tune to the city. She must have covered up the nest of Demons. She is one of them!”
        “No, I’m not a demon!” Medusa retorted.
        “Where did you hear that tune then?”
        “I…” Medusa looked around and noticed a crowd of onlookers gathering around them. She glanced at Poseidon and answered Athena with a smile:
        “I don't remember.”
        “A demon!”
        “Enough, Athena! Medusa is my priestess. Behave yourself.”
        Poseidon stood between Athena and Medusa. He shielded Medusa and pointed his trident at Athena, which made the atmosphere more intense. Athena sighed with disappointment, put down the lance and leaped in the air. She kept staring at Medusa as she said: “Poseidon! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Keeping her here with you will only put your life in danger!”
        Athena turned and left, which angered Athena's believers. They yelled at Medusa: “Demon! You brought the demonic tune to the city! It’s all your fault! Now we’ve all been cursed by the demons!”
        The melody was stirring up a lot of controversy. Since then, people treated Poseidon and Medusa differently and often glared at them…

        Afterwards, Medusa was excluded by everyone on the island. Most of the citizens no longer believed in Poseidon while only a few people remained. Medusa blamed herself because she knew Poseidon was trying to protect her, but she would never abandon him. After all, protecting Poseidon was her mission as a priestess.
        During a silent night, Medusa sat by herself on a rock on the shore. Poseidon knew she would be there if he could not find her in the temple.
        “The sea is calm at night.”
        “To everyone, Lord Poseidon resembles the sea. Your temperament is unpredictable. You have the power to destroy everything, but you also have the power to confine anything.” Medusa paused and looked at Poseidon: “Will you continue to be our guardian?”
        “That is my mission as a God, otherwise I have failed to live up to their faith.”
        “You’re right…”
        Suddenly, Medusa felt fatigued and collapsed into Poseidon's arms. A trail of blood diffused in the blue ocean. Poseidon realized there were deep wounds on both of her wrists! The blood kept spilling out…
        “Medusa, you——”
        “Promise me...Lord Poseidon...You have to become our guardian…”
        Medusa closed her eyes and her hands slowly lowered. Poseidon held her tightly. He had failed to save her. The redness of her skin started to fade; the warmth of her body turned stone cold. Poseidon knew he had lost her forever.
        Poseidon's cry echoed throughout the island, which stunned everyone there. However, the only one person grinning was Athena. Poseidon held Medusa's body as he walked towards the ocean, vowing to never to listen to human prayers again. Everything he did was to see her smile. Losing her meant everything became meaningless.

        “It turns out I’m just a powerless god, I'm even more powerless than mortals. No matter what decisions I make, the result is simply the same. In that case, just let me be the lonely God of the Sea! Only the ocean can soothe my sorrows…”