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        Returning from the warfare late at night, Athena tossed her exhausted body onto her bed. Meanwhile, elements lingered to dig deep into Athena’s concealed yet unforgettable past…

        Athena was napping on a chair next to a window, but her mind was unrestful as her brows remained furrowed.


        The friction of the door hinges startled Athena.


        Running to the doorstep anxiously, all Athena saw was a wobbly door blown open by the wind. The man she missed remained absent.

        “It’s been a month. Where are you exactly?” Athena murmured with melancholy, grasping a lucky charm made of olive tree branches——the pledge of love she had made for Atlantis.

        Goddess Athena and Atlantis the human had fallen in love shortly after their encounter. Yet the difference between humans and gods had made Atlantis shut Athena out after realizing her true status. Even after pouring the godly power into Atlantis, the breach in their hearts could never be filled.

        Athena, who left the house, started counting the fallen leaves under the olive tree. The picture of two lovebirds chatting under the tree was wiped away. The tree remained the same, but Athena was all alone now.

        “...I have faith in him. He will come back!”

        Just when Athena was going back inside, her feet stopped for the gossip between the others.

        “Have you heard? Atlantis is gonna become famous.”

        “What happened?”

        “He saved the king from the demons, so the king will be awarding him in the Imperial Square later today!”

        “I can’t believe that the king would do such a thing...I heard that the king has a gorgeous daughter. Maybe he’ll let Atlantis marry her.”

        “Whoa, he’s gonna get money and a beautiful wife this time. Hahaha…”

        The volume of the two people faded as they were walking away. Meanwhile, Athena’s heart just sank to the rock bottom.

        “There’s no way that he would do it...I need to find him!”

        Refusing to believe such a calculating intention from Atlantis, Athena rushed as fast as she could to the Imperial Square.

        “Huff…” She could barely breathe by the time she arrived.

        “My power is still in recovery…”

        Making Atlantis a god had consumed most of the power of Athena. Right at this moment, she was weak as a mortal.

        The heavy gasps were eased after a while of rest. When Athena squeezed her way through the crowd to the front, her hope was utterly shattered by what she saw——

        The good-looking Atlantis was standing on the stage, while the young and pretty princess was holding his arm shyly. Everyone could tell her feelings towards Atlantis as she never took her eyes off him.

        Enraged by jealousy, Athena stormed all the way to the stage. Before she could pass through the safety perimeter, a guard dragged her out of the crowd and threw her onto the ground.

        “AH!” Athena moaned painfully, dropping the charm in her palm. Meanwhile, the guard stepped on it without noticing it, and he grabbed her hair roughly.

        “How dare you peasant breach our perimeter! You must learn some manners——”



        Intimidated by Athena’s threatening stare, the guard went from barking to wimpy, letting her off unconsciously.

        “Move your leg, you filthy human.”

        Even without her godly power, Athena was still exuding a divine aura that terrified the guard.

        “Damn...Damn it! You bitch...Die!”

        The guard picked the worst choice while facing the unknown fear——wielding his sword at Athena. Then a figure swiftly cut in between them.

        “Hephaestus, what are you doing here?” Athena looked at Hephaestus who blocked the attack.

        “Zeus is looking for you.”

        As soon as Hephaestus was done speaking, he tossed the guard meters away.

        “Want me to take you there?” Hephaestus turned around and asked.

        Hephaestus implied to take Athena to Atlantis with a gaze towards the square, but the question was not answered. Athena silently picked up the deformed charm, which perfectly described her feelings towards Atlantis.

        “What’s the point of going over there...After all the sufferings I’ve been through for him, he chose to forget me after taking over my power,” Athena mumbled as if she was soulless.

        “That’s what humans are, selfish and unreliable.” With a sigh, Hephaestus lent a hand to Athena and continued, “let’s go. You deserve much better than wasting time on that mortal.”

        The devastated Athena eventually followed Hephaestus. Before she left, she looked back at Atlantis, hoping he would spot her presence. Yet Atlantis’s gaze had never left the princess, and he never noticed her.

        “There’s no turning back...Love eventually fades. Only the glory of gods lasts forever…” As the last bit of hope died, Athena had made up her mind——

        With the help of the Heaven Spring, Athena had her power fully recovered. She then came to the olive tree that witnessed their love, dug a hole on the ground and buried the broken charm.

        “This will be the last time I shed tears for him.”

        Athena brought up her godly power as well as the emotions inside her. The circulating power worked as a saw, severing every bit of her love and memories of Atlantis from her soul; All the love, pain and memories gradually pushed out of her along with the teardrops from her eyes.

        “Reminiscence does nothing but hurt me. Let me wipe it away…”

        Athena let the tears drop with her eyes closed; the moment she opened her eyes, she was the cold goddess with pride again.

        After forfeiting love, Athena returned to the wars and spread her fearful fame again. As the Goddess of Wisdom and War became even crueler, the count of lives taken by her sword went up and up too.

        here were things that the loveless Athena didn’t know: At that night, Atlantis had rejected the marriage proposal with the princess offered by the king, setting off his nomad journey; A life was born out of her love-and-memory-contained tears, who met Atlantis years later...