Myriad fragments of Enochian Tower’s snapped portion hang in the air. With the boundless starry sky as backdrop, the scene appears particularly enigmatic and unfathomable.

        “The Goddess of Order had always guarded the way to heaven. Now, we can only wait for her emergence.” As if able to read your thoughts, Glauox has given you the answer before you could even ask: “As gatekeeper, she possesses immense power. She could either be a hindrance to your journey, or be an asset to your expedition...”

        Soon, the air flow suddenly quickens; the fragments accelerate along the stream, revolving around an eye where blinding light radiates. From the light, a figure descends before you — Giemsa.

        “I have long guarded this sole passageway to heaven...awaiting one who is capable.” The Goddess of Order asks you to show her your strength as proof of your determination to climb the tower.

        Heroic spirits answer to your call, and materialize from their Seal Cards. Giemsa alternates the elemental power on her shield to hinder your full utilization of elements; the Runestones do not radiate as they should. A long axe swooshes through the air as a Human heroic spirit launches an all-out attack. Just then, Giemsa conjured power around her, intending to land a lethal blow; but in the nick of time, a Court of Zodiac dashes before you, and parries the attack with his shield. The mythological bird breathes fire at the Goddess to stall her, earning you a brief respite, while the mystical dog gathers elemental power in attempt to nullify Giemsa’s modulating shield...

        After a fierce fight exhausting both mind and body, you have finally overcome the Goddess of Order’s test and hence, gained her recognition. She opens the road to heaven for you, and you bow to her as a sign of gratitude after entering the passageway. However, she pays no attention to your gesture and instead, murmurs to the starry sky, “The wheel of fate has finally started turning. Certain matters shall be dealt with at last.”

        Bemused, you look at Giemsa; the latter merely responds with a smile: “With my power, you will find the answer you seek in heaven. What awaits in the future as your fate weaves with that of the Gods?”

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