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        “One day, a pair of demons named Golden Horned and Silver Horned arrived at this town. At first, they concealed their demon identity as they wanted to live with the townspeople. However, an adult in town found out their true forms. Golden Horned and Silver Horned were furious and decided to turn all the citizens and visitors into children…” Zhu Bajie recalled what had recently happened in town.
 “...My mates and I witnessed the whole thing from the swinery. After that, Golden Horned and Silver Horned became the owners of this town. They then took my mates and I to the cave they lived in. Once in a while, they slaughtered one of us for food. Now, I'm the only one left.”
        “Looks like they also understand what's great about kids.” Sha Seng smiled.
        “They’ve stirred up much trouble. Soon they’ll beg me for mercy!” Sun Wukong responded as he clenched his fists.
        “Wukong! Hug me!” Tang Sanzang, who had been turned into a kid, said while pulling on Sun Wukong’s clothes.
        Tang Sanzang was also affected by Golden Horned and Silver Horned’s demonic power and turned into a kid as soon as Sun Wukong and he entered town. Fortunately, Tang Sanzang's solid strength enabled him to stay safe from the harms of normal townspeople and demons. In order to sort this out, Sun Wukong had to find the culprit as soon as possible. They met Sha Seng, a kind demon and guardian of children along with Zhu Bajie, who was turned into a demon as a result of drinking the demonic elixir from Golden Horned and Silver Horned’s gourd. Based on the clues provided by Zhu Bajie and through Sha Seng’s deduction, the four of them advanced towards the cave Golden Horned and Silver Horned resided in…

        “Silver! I’m bored !”
        “Yeah! So am I, Golden!”
        “Silver! Let’s have some fun!” Golden Horned said excitedly.
        “Golden! I know what you’re thinking about! Let’s get going!” Silver Horned sat up straight and also felt excited. The two of them burst into laughter.
        “Golden! I’ll go first! Catch up with me!” Silver Horned immediately left the cave; Golden Horned shook his head and tied the gourd around his waist. As he was about to turn to leave, he suddenly saw a figure flying into the cave and crashing onto the cliff at high speed! Golden Horned looked closer——It was Silver Horned who had just left the cave!
        “Silver! What happened?!” Golden Horned anxiously helped him up; the attack left Sliver Horned wounded with blood spilling from his mouth. He then painfully said: “someone...attacked…” Golden Horned glanced at the entrance. The impact of the attack had created a gust of dust, so all he could see was three tall figures slowly approaching their way.
        “Humph! Golden Horned and Silver Horned Kings are just weaklings! I was hoping to have more fun!”
        The dust cleared. Standing at the entrance of the cave was Sun Wukong the Great Sage, Sha Seng who was protecting Tang Sanzang, and Zhu Bajie who just got beaten up by Silver Horned. Looking at the four of them, Golden Horned sneered——
        “What are you laughing at!” Zhu Bajie shouted, but he could not conceal his terror. The pain just reminded him of his past.
        Golden Horned stopped laughing, took a deep breath, and said: “I’ve overestimated the situation. It’s just a monkey, a thief, a bald geek, and a strange kid. How can you people possibly take us down!?” Golden Horned drank a mouthful of elixir from the gourd and then shared it with Silver Horned, who hung the gourd around his waist again after drinking the elixir. Both of them were coated with red light and their power was greatly boosted! They then became sturdy and taller——

        “Well...Sun Wukong, I guess you need to show your true powers now…”Zhu Bajie said as he pulled back.
        “Both of you stand back and protect my Master!” Sun Wukong swung his Vajra Staff, stepped forward, and yelled at Golden Horned and Silver Horned: “Bring it on!”
        Golden Horned and Silver Horned began to charge at him; while Sun Wukong leaped into the air and struck downwards with the Vajra Staff! However, they easily dodged the attack and sneered at Sun Wukong. The two of them then punched him with so much might that Sun Wukong flew into the air! Sun Wukong remained calm and firmly stood on the cliff, parrying their attacks. Both sides wrestled with each other.
        “Come on, Wukong! Push harder!”, Tang Sanzang cheered him on with his childish voice.
        “Push harder...Right! I have an idea.”
        Sun Wukong smiled and gave a sly look. He suddenly loosened his hand and the heavy Vajra Staff crushed Golden Horned and Silver Horned beneath it, who were unable to move. He charged at them and gave each of them heavy punches, which stirred up dust and sand again…
        At that moment, the cave began to collapse due to the violent attacks! Sun Wukong appeared through the dust and said: “What are you still looking at! We need to escape now! The cave is collapsing!”
        Zhu Bajie escaped from the cave right away while Sha Seng followed behind after picking up Tang Sanzang. Boulders began to fall. Knowing the situation was getting bleaker, Sun Wukong also left the cave.
        Since Golden Horned and Silver Horned were both defeated, all the adults in town, along with Tang Sanzang, were no longer affected by Golden Horned and Silver Horned’s demonic power, and turned back to normal. To Tang Sanzang, the time he spent as a kid was like a dream. After the citizens expressed their gratitude, Tang Sanzang and Sun Wukong continued their journey to find the Celestial Way; while Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng joined the duo on their journey due to their own reasons.