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        “What the heck is this? This wine is total crap!”

        Sitting at the head seat, a young maiden flung her glass onto the floor; the servant serving wine at her side knelt down in fright.

        “Who dare annoy my dearest daughter?” A amiable middle-aged man walked into the tent.

        “Father! Why does all the wine we have now taste awful?” The young maiden's contemptuous look ensured her dissatisfaction was palpable to all.

        “Gondul, I’ve already brought you all the best wines in our tribe. That one is the last bottle.” The man chucked as he teased her.

        “Not all of it. I heard that the best wine in the realm is Lord Odin’s divine wine. Father, can you...” Pulling her father’s arm, Gondul pleaded poutingly for his favor.

        “I can do nothing, darling. Only the valkyries will be granted divine wine.” The man shrugged helplessly.

        “Father, you can nominate me to be the valkyrie position,” said Gondul.

         “Alright! I’ll recommend you to Odin. But, whether you can become the valkyrie is dependent solely on you.” The man gently patted Gondul’s head, and a triumphant look flickered across her face.

        When Odin was selecting his valkyries, he allocated one of the vacancies to the nobles, and allowed them to nominate their own valkyrie candidates. Gondul became one of the three candidates; yet, her odds were the least of the three. The other two candidates had powerful backing, while she was merely a daughter of a chief from a small tribe. To successfully become valkyrie, Gondul slipped potions into the other two candidates’ food, drugging them. The duo was rendered unable to participate in the final round of selections and with that, Gondul's wish of becoming valkyrie was granted. On that day, Odin told her:

        “Gondul, I know everything you did, but I still chose you. Do you know why?”

        Gondul gazed fixedly at Odin, as if she did not understand what he was talking about. Odin then continued, “It is because the other valkyries lack the means to achieve every end. You, on the other hand, desire power, and this ruthless ambition would drive you to greater success.”

        Odin ordered his servant to leave behind a dainty bronze goblet filled up with divine wine. After that, he turned and led the masses away.

        “The divine wine will let you know your duty. Gondul, do not disappoint me.”

        Gondul watched as Odin walked away, having just learnt that Odin had long seen through her and her deviousness...