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        “In the mirror, the corner of the lips of Elizabeth tilted into a smile, creepy and devilish, enhancing Elizabeth's usual seductiveness. Looking at her image in the mirror, Elizabeth knows that this is her true self. She understand what she desires; what she craves. Blood shall be her subsistence, and serve as an elixir that halts the footsteps of death.”

        ‘Is that really what you want?’

        Hearing the voice, Elizabeth woke up and saw her reflection in the mirror — a haggard appearance with messy hair. The mirror reflected the room she was in. It was nearly empty, except the mirror and a pale yellow coffin. Elizabeth struggled towards the coffin, each step a strain. Lying in the coffin was Jack.

        “My dear, please come back!” “Come back and stay by my side!”

        Facing the silent Jack, Elizabeth kept murmuring those words. These two sentences were all she had been saying for some time. Suddenly, the door was opened. It was Ed with the Pumpkin Trio carrying wine glasses on dinner plates.

        “Lady Elizabeth, have some food please!” Ed said frustratingly.

        But Elizabeth just kept repeating her words without paying any attention to Ed. Ed could not help but anger. He knew he must take good care of Elizabeth, as Jack would expect him to do so.

        “My brother has gone! Elizabeth, you must eat! Pumpkin Trio, go!”

        Pumpkin Trio forced her mouth open, and poured the blood from the wine glasses into her mouth. Like a puppet, Elizabeth did not resist, simply allowing the blood to flow down her throat. But one of the Pumpkin Trio, Dracula, tipped over a glass, splashing Jack’s suit.


        Elizabeth screamed. With agony on her face, she kept saying “sorry” to Jack. Streams of blood gushed out from her body, knocking the Pumpkin Trio away. Frenziedly and violently, Elizabeth shot out countless magic spheres of blood. Ed took out his bone rapier, getting ready to stop her. But then, he sensed a surge of familiar power that was stronger than ever before. A man appeared in front of Elizabeth seemingly out of nowhere. The bloody spheres struck him non-stop. But the man remained calm, the attack having no effect on him. Gently, he pulled Elizabeth into an embrace...

        “Immortality or death are not important anymore. The only thing I want is him by my side.” — Gory Aristocrat Elizabeth.