Molly the Elementalist and her companions were known as heroes for the human race. They had prevented the Demons from capturing Enochian Tower and even climbed up to where the tower was broken. Molly and her companions all sacrificed their lives fighting the chaos and bringing peace to the people.

        In the beginning, Molly was just scholar who knew nothing but theories and studied magic anxiously on the battlefield. She did not quite adapt to the life in the brigade there until she finally joined the platoon of her childhood playmate. Apart from the Earl, the young swordsman was the first to trust her. The lone swordsman had never interacted with people, but he decided to seek out Molly to repair his magical sword. He, who even ignored Earl’s command, followed Molly’s instruction when she scolded him. Despite knowing that it was all because she was the only sorceress, Molly could not help but speculate whether the young swordsman liked her. On the battlefield, Molly would subconsciously stay behind the reckless swordsman, which gave him no choice but to protect her. The vibrancy of the two made other soldiers accept them. The Earl who was promoted as Duke granted them with the title of “Sage Master” and “Dragon Rider”. Although people made fun of it, Molly had in her heart regarded the young swordsman as her other half.

        She had all along been fighting to stop the Demons from obtaining the power of Runestones. However, on the day they climbed the tower, the swordsman stayed at the end of the stairs so that Molly and others could enter the Ocean of Gates. When the Duke ordered his troops to release the seal, Molly could not help but feel betrayed. She reproached him for making the swordsman’s sacrifice meaningless. “We will cause even more sacrifice if we unseal the source of the whole chaos!” None of them gave in and they even started to fight. When Molly finally calmed down, her friends were had already been engulfed by the pneuma of elements. With tears shedding in her eyes, Molly stood in front of the seal, using her own power to strengthen it in order to prevent the Demons from gaining the power of Runestones. However, the pneuma dragged her into the Element of Water, Molly heard a voice from heaven - ‘Your power is not strong enough.’ Molly looked up and her crying face bloomed into a smile. Although it was true that her power was inadequate, she saw her four companions in their own Elements and waited beside the Runestones for her to join them.

        They had once promised to change the current situation and do anything to end the war, even if it meant sacrificing their Souls. This ambition had never changed. With their souls residing in the Runestones, Molly and her friends prayed and blessed all who attempted to climb Enochian Tower.

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