After the transformation done by Khaos, Lyra, who used to be Persephone’s harp, could utilize an unprecedented power mixed by the atralist power and the chaotic power. This mind-blowing strength amazed Khaos and Aether. To turn her against Persephone and the other Courts, Khaos manipulated Lyra’s memory with the chaotic power during the transformation, making her believe that Persephone had abandoned her.

        The hatred and jealousy catalyzed the fury of Lyra. Killing Persephone became her sole purpose. Yet Khaos was still concerned that Lyra hadn’t been fully controlled by the chaotic power. By faking the excuse of teaching her, he actually transfused more chaotic power into her, completing his manipulation.

        Lyra gradually mastered her power. In the meantime the chaotic power had also filled her up to almost spilling. The moment when Khaos could only find the infinite resentment in her eyes, he knew that the time had come.

        A fierce shaking of the temple almost tripped Lyra, while Khaos remained his calmness. “Looks like they’re here,” he said.

        “They?” Lyra had no idea about the identities of the incomers.

        “Persephone and her crew.”

        Lyra conjured her power right as she heard the name of Persephone. “Leave them to me. I believe I can handle them,” she said with a wicked smile.


        Khaos accepted her request while he was stroking her head. The violet glow in her eyes gave him a smile of satisfaction. Then he created a wormhole to show Lyra the whereabouts of Persephone…

        She travelled fast in the Heaven. Very soon, she heard a deafening noise nearby, drawing her to that location. It turned out to be the battleground of the Courts of Zodiacs and the gods. There were two people surrounded by a troop of god soldiers, and they happened to be Lyra’s long awaited target——Persephone the Court of Virgo and Armstrong the Court of Taurus!

        The furious Lyra conjured energy spheres on her hands then dashed towards Persephone. Her vengeful spirit drove her to blast Persephone in spite of the soldier standing in close proximity. With the incoming enemy, Armstrong instantly rushed to Persephone’s front and shielded her with his lit-up fists. When Lyra’s first attempt to killing Persephone failed, she conjured the power on her fists to punch Armstrong, triggering him to fight back with the fire elemental power. Two clashing power induced a blast wave, and spread the chaotic power and fire element to everywhere! The god soldiers were either perished or fled the scene.

        “Who are you?” Armstrong confronted Lyra.

        His gut told him that she was a tougher enemy than the soldiers. And it tightened him up that she was obviously targeting at Persephone the weaker one.

        “None of your business! Get lost!” Lyra yelled while she was glittering violet. It blinded Armstrong and gave Lyra a chance to slip away. She created a weapon with the chaotic power, striking Armstrong hard in his waist. Armstrong was blasted away, hitting the wall into cracks. Meanwhile the terrified Persephone held her harp tight, thinking that she couldn’t let either Armstrong or herself defeated. But this scene irritated Lyra even more, driving her power out of control again. Stepping back, Persephone didn’t conjure a light elemental shield until she was cornered by Lyra.

        When lyra’s weapon hit Persephone’s shield, she gathered all the energy at the tip, starting to crack the shield.

        “Have you ever thought about me for one second when you were with the new harp? I was waiting for you, all alone!” Lyra yelled at Persephone.

        “Who are you? I don’t know you,” Persephone asked.

        “So you’ve forgotten about me already? All these years, I was the only one who cared about our times together?”

        Lyra’s words left Persephone puzzled. It came to Lyra’s realization that Persephone never cared about her. At this moment, her state of mind was more like broken-hearted rather than vengeful, as if any revenges went into nothing. When Persephone stared at the crying Lyra, the image of the old harp popped up in her mind.


        Lyra retreated all the attacks when she heard Persephone calling her name.

        “I was waiting for you to come home, waiting inside that cabin surrounded by crop field…”

“Are you that…”

        A vigorous quake interrupted Persephone’s words. The place started falling apart because of their violent battle. Persephone and Lyra were separated by a crack. Just when Persephone wanted to ask more, a fragment was falling on her. Luckily Armstrong saved her in time before the fragment could crush her.

        “Gotta go! This place is going down!” Armstrong carried Persephone and headed to a safer place, but Persephone couldn’t take her eyes off at the Lyra in trance…

        Meanwhile, a pillar fell towards Lyra. She returned to the reality and smashed it into pieces. When both Lyra and Persephone looked at each other, Lyra was full of vengeance but Persephone was full of questions.

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