Underworld abounded with souls of the deceased, among whom, Abe no Seimei stood silently in his Onmyōji outfit. His eyes stayed closed, as if he was meditating or listening to something. In front of him was the river of underworld, a virtual river manifested by numerous souls of the deceased proceeding together closely. Abe no Seimei should be one of them, but he did not follow other souls and dive into the river; instead, he stood alone beside it.

        Although Hades was the lord of underworld, he rarely concerned himself much with the matters of the underworld, which includes the souls of the deceased. However, Abe’s peculiar act drew his attention, so he approached the Great Onmyōji...

        “Mortal, one has to discard all after one’s demise. Though reluctant you might be, you have to let it go.”

        ‘Shigeharu and Fubuki are in danger.’

        “Did you listen to me?”

        ‘I have to go back...and help them...’

        With that said, Abe no Seimei turned to the exit of underworld. Hades attempted to halt him, only to discover that he was unable to move. It was not until Hades scanned his own body did he notice four gigantic white foxes gripping his limbs between their teeth.

        Hades conjured small amounts of dark elemental power, believing that this could eliminate the beasts. But he soon realized that the four foxes not only did not vanish, but their jaws only clenched tighter on him. The four foxes represented Abe’s determination to return to the realm; his firm resolution would not falter regardless of obstacles.

        Hades comprehended at the moment: this soul was different than the others. It had immense power. If he chose to challenge the Onmyōji to a duel, it would be a mutually destructive one. Hades sneered before saying, “Can you order them to release me? I do not intend to stop you anymore.”

        Abe no Seimei did not reply; he merely whistled sharply. The four foxes jumped back before vanishing.

        ‘Thank you for your understanding.’

        Abe no Seimei did not even turn. He continued walking onward his expressionless words. As long as he could return to his disciples, he was willing to sacrifice anything...

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