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        “Hmph! So the Ancient Dragon Power is not that powerful after all...”

        “Seems like my Combatant is more powerful!”

        A Demonic Savant attacked the scholars’ fort with his Combatant. To protect both her companions and the Ancient Dragon Power, Gretchen guarded the fort’s only entrance by herself. Although there had been different people raiding the place for Ancient Dragon Power, Gretchen managed to drive them back every time. However, Gretchen had never thought that this time, she would meet such a powerful and persistent enemy.

        Gretchen was down on one knee, her left hand clutching her broken right hand. Her disheveled hair covered the right side of face in its entirety. She could hardly move at the moment, let alone continue fighting.

        “Get out of my way if you don’t want to die! I only want the Ancient Dragon Power.”

        “I won’t back down! Not even if it means my death!”

        “You picked this road. Don’t blame me!”

        Upon the Savant’s hand signal, the Combatant hurled a power sphere towards Gretchen. Just then, a figure dived from the sky and shielded her from the blow...


        Having taken such great impact, Monstro seems to have become paralyzed and collapsed beside Gretchen.

        “Monstro! Hang in there! You’ll be fine!”


        “I’m okay. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine; I’ll have time to fix you soon.”

        Monstro gave her no response, so Gretchen approached it and lay on its flank. Though in full recognition that she did not have the ability, Gretchen still hoped to guard over the Ancient Dragon Power; even if it was unable to move, Monstro still wanted to protect Gretchen.

        “I have to guard the Ancient Dragon Power and my important companions.”


        It seemed that their mutual desire to protect each other resonated; Monstro suddenly broke into countless parts and reassembled on Gretchen’s cyborg body. When the smoke faded, Gretchen had pressed onto the floor with her gigantic left hand; her right hand transformed into a giant cannon, aiming at the Demonic Savant and the Combatant while gathering immense Ancient Dragon Power...

        “Two seconds to full power.”

        ”The game has just begun! I’ll show you the true power of Monstro and myself!” — Gretchen H. the Blow of Whale