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        “Dad, where are we going?” Gretchen asked.

        “We are going to the market. Maybe we’ll see something special there.” Heisenberg wanted to take a walk outside, hoping to refresh himself.

        “Special like me?” Gretchen asked with a smile.

        “Right. Special like my little Gretchen.” Heisenberg laughed and said.

        In the past, Heisenberg focused on his research and ignored his family. It was not until his daughter got into an accident did he change, but it was too late...From then on, he put his remorse into his research and created a cyborg in Gretchen’s image. To seek an endless power-source that allows the cyborg to stay permanently active, Heisenberg started to study Ancient Dragon Power; however, despite his effort, he failed to give the cyborg a soul...

        One day, Heisenberg obtained a luminous gem. He put it into the waist of the cyborg, filling up the hollow part. Suddenly, the cyborg radiated blinding light. When Heisenberg reopened his eyes, he saw the cyborg hiding under the desk in the laboratory. It nervously looked around. Heisenberg slowly walked to it and crouched. “My name is Heisenberg. This is my laboratory. You are...?”

        She gave no response, but he was willing to wait. After quite a while, the cyborg stuck out its head; Heisenberg smiled to it. She then anxiously said, “I am...Gret...Gretchen...”

        Gretchen, a name that reminded Heisenberg of his sorrow, and the name of his only daughter...

        “ he here? Is this place safe? I —” Her words were stopped by a sudden embrace.

        Heisenberg patted Gretchen and said, “No worries! Daddy’s here. No one can harm you.” Every drop of regret surged from his heart. Everytime he recalled his daughter’s accident, deep self-accusation would consume him as a scene repeated — her repeated cries of “dad” before her demise. Gretchen gradually calmed down. She was sealed into the gem and her body was trapped in her lover’s iron maiden statue — Faust. The curse-like love cost her everything. Yet, the man standing before her had also lost everything important to him. Out of compassion and gratitude, she said in a child-like tone, “Mm! Daddy is hero!”

        At the market, Gretchen leant against a wall while watching Heisenberg shop. Out of a sudden, a strange man in torn tuxedo blocked her vision. He performed a salute to Gretchen with his metal left arm: “Seems like professor Heisenberg has finally succeeded. Look at you; how perfect! Cyborg body, human mind, and Ancient Dragon Power...” The man reached out his hand to Gretchen; she hastily evaded and ran to Heisenberg.

        “We will meet again!” The strange man yelled from behind Gretchen.