DC3128 Name Grim Scythe Spell
No No. 3128 Rarity 2★ Level Lv. 2
Card Limit 485i
Mode Mode DCmd3 Spell of Destruction Charge Dissolving any Runestones (first batch only)
Skill DCsk1 Team Recovery increases by 200% for 1 Round. Points Required:2000
DCsk2 After Dragonic Compulsion, turn Light Runestones into Heart Runestones. Points Required:4500
Passive Skill Skill2 1 By dissolving a group of 5 or more Dark Runestones, God Attack x 1.2.
Skill2 2 By dissolving 4 or more Heart Runestones, recover HP as much as 1.5x Team Recovery.
Stats Bonus HP
Attack0 Recovery
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