A girl with blue hair drank alone in a restaurant. One could tell she was drunk from her rolling eyes and her pink cheeks. Meanwhile three burly men walked into the restaurant. Afraid of trouble, all of the diners except the girl quickly finished their food and left. She casually drank tumbler after tumbler. The man with an axe stepped up to her and said, ‘‘You're Guan Yu, the fighter who stands against a million! Come. We ‘Ironlion Brothers’ are here to challenge you to a duel!’ Guan Yu glanced at them, sneered and sipped another tumbler, as if they were not even worth her time to bother. The axe guy took that as an insult, and slashed the table apart. Beer bottles shattered on the ground, except the one in Guan Yu’s hand.
        ’Humph, that’s just warn-’ Before the man could finish, Guan Yu drove her fist into his stomach. The man was thrown away and broke through the wall! The other two men’s jaws dropped as they gawked at the hole in the wall. ‘What? You asked for this.’ Guan Yu’s voice drew back their attention. She juggled the giant axe single-handedly. They swallowed nervously and asked, ‘Whe-where’s your Green Dragon Crescent Blade?’ ‘I don’t use it on weaklings.’ Guan Yu thrusted the axe at them. Moments later, they fell to the ground. Guan Yu stepped on their bodies and said proudly, ‘It seems like no one in the world can beat me.’ She leaped onto her horse and left.
        Guan Yu was proud of her incredible martial skills. The once unknown girl endlessly challenged others to fights and earned her great reputation. Her fame continued to draw more challengers to her. Years later, Guan Yu began to believe she had no rivals as a fighter in the world. Not until she confronted a mysterious man did she realize how arrogant she was.
        One day, when Guan Yu was drinking at the restaurant as usual, when a man approached her and asked, ‘Can we have a fight?’ She moved her eyes at the man in shiny clothes. He had a pair of sharp, adamant eyes. Compared with the burly men she had encountered before, he seemed to be the thinnest challenger yet. She sneered, ‘I don’t have time for a nobody.’ The man did not bat an eyelid but burst out in laughter, ‘Don’t tell me you’re too scared to fight me.’ The man’s laughter provoked Guan Yu, who slammed the table and straightened her body, ‘Nothing scares me! Throw your fist at me!’ ‘That sounds convincing, but where’s the fun without any consequences? If you win, I’ll give you a million gold; otherwise, I’ll take your horse. ‘Humph! Get your gold ready!’
        Guan Yu raised her Green Dragon Crescent Blade to slash at the man, who dodged agilely and said, ‘It’s not fair. I don’t have a weapon.’ She shoved her blade at the ground and fought bare-handedly. She threw her fist at the man’s chest. The man stood still, as if nothing had happened, while sharp pain spread in her fist and bruises covered her knuckles! She threw another fist, but the same thing happened.
        She intended to endure the pain and keep fighting, buthe man wrapped her fists and squeezed them! The intense pain forced Guan Yu to kneel down… ’Victory is mine. I’ll take your horse.’ The man walked to her horse. She struggled to stand up and stop him but her hands were already numb. She asked with a hoarse voice, ‘Who... are you?’ The man smirked, ‘I’m a man in an iron armor. I said not to use a weapon, nothing about an armor,’ He pulled the horse in front of her, ‘This Ferghana horse is mine now.’ The man walked away laughing in triumph. ‘Im-impossible...I lost…’ Gran Yu fell to her knees, staring at her bleeding hands resentfully…

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