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        With a swing of the sickle, the sinister Imdugud was beheaded, with blood splashing all over his body.

        “Won...I won! I can bring the old man’s book back!” When Ninurta picked up the Tome of Fate and Imdugud’s head to leave, chirps of woe came into his ears.

        “These three fluffy...are the birdlings of Imdugud?” The birdlings snuggled together, crying for the death of their mother.

        “Well well, your mother was slaughtered by me, and no one will take care of you in the future. You three are going to starve to death for sure. Alright then, I’ll take you home. Hey! Stop pecking at me!” Back in the city, Ninurta began to nurse the young birds.

        “Come, it’s supper time. I’ve got you some fresh meat.”


        “Why don't you eat? Why staring at me with that look? Oh, you mean you’re not gonna eat anything given by the murderer right? Okay, suit yourself. No one will avenge your mother if you starve to death. And I’m perfectly fine with that. Ha, never expected the children of Imdugud to be that useless. Hilarious, isn’t it?”

        “Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!”

        Oops! Now you want the food, don’t you? Then stop pecking at me and eat already!” The birdlings gulped their meat and grew up well. Their feathers gradually plumped. It was finally time to learn to fly.

        However, it somehow racked Ninurta’s brain.

        “Bloody hell, I’m not a bird after all. How can I possibly teach you? Forget it. I’ll jump from the city wall. You follow. Then you’ll learn how to fly at the verge of death!”

        Ninurta enlarged his body and jumped off the city wall easily, but the young birds were hesitating. “Hurry up to jump, or I’ll just call you all cowards,” he yelled.

        “Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!” The birds jumped down angrily, caught by Ninurta before they broke their necks. After a few tries…

        “Wonderful, you got it! It seems you’re not that stupid...Ah! Stop flying and pecking at me! That’s not fair!” The birds hovered over the town every day, flying down from time to time to steal food from Ninurta.

        “Hey, you thieves! Ouch! Peck and run!” Ninurta grumbled with a smile.

        Atrahasis came for him.

        “Ninurta, I helped you make this huge bird cage. Put them inside. They’ll feel comfy.”

        “Are you joking? They’re sacred birds! They should be free in the sky, but not in this cage.”

        “People have been threatened by the sacred bird before, and you killed it to save everyone. But now you’ve adopted three of them. How can you make the people feel at ease?”

        “Imdugud attacked people to protect its birdlings...Sigh, don't worry. I didn't intend to keep them forever.” Ninurta took the three to the mountain far from the town.

        “Go, you all can live on your own now. Birds are supposed to fly freely in the sky. No one can trap you in a cage. But do remember, if you attack humans, I’ll definitely chop your heads off, understand? Next time when we meet, we’re enemies!” The three sacred birds came over silently, pecked at Ninurta once and flew away.

        Ninurta gazed at the sky, until they were completely gone.

        So long. I wish you all the best, and I wish we would never see each other again.