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Guild Creation Requirements[]

  1. Guild creator must be level 100 or above.
  2. Creation cost needed Coin.png x1,000,000 and Diamond.png x20

Admin System[]

  • The Summoner who creates the guild will be automatically assigned as the Guild Leader.
  • Guild Leaders can assign members who are above Level 100 the position of Vice Leader. Each guild has a maximum of 2 Vice Leaders.
    • Vice Leaders possess certain Guild Leader authorities, including Edit Announcement, Add Members and Guild Upgrade. Vice Leaders cannot change the guild icon or kick out other members
  • If the Guild Leader leaves the guild, the Vice Leader of the highest Level will become Leader. If no Vice Leaders are assigned, the member of the highest Level will become Leader.
    • If no members are present when the Guild Leader leaves, the guild will be automatically dismissed.
  • A Member who has not logged in for more than 7 days, or who has scored zero points during the previous guild mission, can be expelled from the Guild without paying any coins. Expelling any other member will cost 300,000 coins.

Guild Levels & Bonuses[]

More details: Guild Information

Guild Members will get bonus Experience and Coins from all stage completions. There is also a bonus for experience when card leveling. Bonus percentages vary by Guild level.

Daily Guild Missions & Stage Info[]

More details: Daily Guild Missions
More details: Guild Mission Stages

Daily Guild Missions, when completed, will reward coins and one Black Key Key.png. Completing the last mission can reward a random attribute Soulstone and one Black Hole Keys (Using in enter stages battle from Black Hole)

Black Hole[]

More details: Black Hole

The Black Hole offers additional stages that Members can enter by using the required number of Black Keys earned with the daily guild missions. These stages contain many sought after cards, such as Power Release Materials. Some transmigration stages are occasionally re-opened in the Black Hole.

Guild Events[]

More details: Guild Events

Periodically, stages will have special events for guilds. By fulfilling the event conditions, such as completing stages or collecting items, members can earn Guild Points and/or Personal Points to receive special event rewards, such as exclusive cards.

Guild Level Up Conditions[]

More details: Guild Information

When the guild reaches the required exp and coin conditions, one of the Leaders can level up the guild, increasing the member limit and guild bonuses. Guild Experience is increased by members winning battles. Guild Gold is increased by members donating their own coins to the guild.

World Guild[]

As of 9.1, Summoners who have not joined/created a Guild will be considered members of the "World Guild", and have access to the following:

  1. 3 Guild Mission will be assigned to daily, awarding a Black key after completions.
  2. Access to the Black Hole is available.
  3. Can only store up to 30 Black Keys.

The members of the World Guild cannot participate in Joint Operations. EXP, Coin and Lv.Up bonuses will not be available.