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        Guinevere and her servant went to a bridal shop to receive the wedding dress her family had ordered for her. As she walked up to a mirror and scanned her beautiful reflection, she felt that something was missing. ‘Miss Guinevere, you look brilliant! You husband will fall for you for sure,’ exclaimed her servant. Guinevere did not feel the bliss of a bride. She smiled bitterly and said, ‘We haven’t even met. I know nothing about his appearance, his hobbies, his character…’

        An couple stepped out of the fitting room. They were here to try on a wedding dress and a suit. The girl was taller than the adolescent, but they were a great match from their looks. ‘You look pretty nice in a suit, Arthur!’ She grinned and said while playing with his hair. He then pushed her hand away and said, ‘You look fabulous in a wedding dress! It would’ve been a waste if you weren’t born as a girl!’ They teased each other with smiles on their faces. Guinevere gazes at them, wondering if she would get along with her husband so intimately. Would she find her bliss in a forced relationship?

        The sound of clothes tearing drew Guinevere's attention back from her thoughts. ‘Oh, no….There’s a hole in my dress.’ ‘I told you not to mess around. What do we do now?’ As they began to panic, the shop owner stepped up to them and said calmly, ‘What do you do? Pay the damages.’ “I wouldn’t have come in with this idiot if I didn’t see the sign ‘Try Wedding Dresses for Free’ at the entrance. I don’t have a dime on me!’ ‘Oh? I hope you sleep well in jail.’ ‘I…’ The adolescent and the girl’s faces went pale with shock and even more panic. Guinevere stepped up and told her servent to hand a bag of coins to the owner, saying, ‘I’ll pay for them. Is this enough?’

        After the owner grabbed the bag and counted the coins, he smiled and said, ‘Of course. By the way, Miss Guinevere, how do you like this wedding dress? May I wrap it up for you?’ ‘Yes, please.’ Guinevere’s servant helped her walk into the fitting room.

        ’I’m Arthur, and she’s Merlin. Thank you for what you did for us earlier. We’ll pay you back as soon as possible.’ ‘That’d be unnecessary. It was just a small sum, which is nothing compared to the bond between the two of you.’ Arthur and Merlin smiled and began to tease each other. ‘If only you were a bit more gentle, the wedding dress wouldn’t have torn.’ ‘You kept messing up my hair! It was all your fault!’ Guinevere sighed listening to their conversation. ‘You’re about to get married, but you don’t look happy at all.’ ‘It was my father who betrothed me to my fiance; he’s someone I’ve never met before.

        Guinevere told them about her engagement. Before she could finish, Arthur stood up furiously, ‘A man you’ve never met before? How could you marry him?’ ‘Yeah! A woman must control her own fate!’ ‘ involves the resurrection of my family business…’ ‘Even so, it's not something you can change just by sacrificing your life!’ Arthur’s every word pounded Guinevere’s heart. She realised her sadness arose from the fact that she had no intention to marry that man. Arthur seized Guinevere’s hand and ran towards the castle.

        Arthur said to the castle owner, ‘You daughter want a word with you.’ Arthur patted Guinevere’s back to grant her the courage to express her feelings. The villa owner stared at Guinevere, waiting for her to speak. She took a deep breath and said, ‘Father, I do not want to marry a man I’ve never met before.’ ‘You should know our situation. This marriage is the key to resurrecting our family business!’ ‘But…’ Before Guinevere could finish the sentence, Arthur said confidently, ‘Leave it to me.’ Hee raised his sword in a sheath and declared, ‘This is Excalibur! I’ll become the king! I promise you prosperity for your family when that happens!’ As a greedy man, the castle owner cancelled Guinevere’s engagement the moment he saw Arthur holding Excalibur.

        ’Now you’re free,’ Arthur smiled. Guinevere blushed, flicked her hair and said, ‘Yes, but you caught my heart. What you said earlier. Wasn’t it a kind of proposal?’ ‘Proposal?!’ Arthur and Merlin yelled in shock. As Guinevere became confused, Merlin grabbed her hand and put it on Arthur’s chest. It was not obvious, but she could feel something soft in her palm…’Y-y-you...are a girl?!’ Guinevere yelled in shock. The handsome Arthur was a girl after all. Guinevere decided to join Arthur and her friends. On their way to meet up with Arthur’s friends, Arthur and Merlin were still teasing each other. Guinevere sometimes joined in for some fun. She hoped to find true love on the journey.