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        Doris, Alice and Woodbury finally reunited in the Wonderland. The long-lasted misunderstandings between the sisters were resolved. Not only did they have to face the truth that Ozma's mother used her life to cover up, they also had to face their enemy Nome, who tried to kill Woodbury in order to cleanse the demon bloodline. As the boss of the demon family, Nome was so powerful that even the three sisters were no match for him. While they were busy fighting, Woodbury suddenly ordered Matryoshka to take Doris and Alice to safety! She sacrificed herself to protect her sisters…

        “You asshole!Can’t you hear me?! LET ME OUT!” Doris kicked and hit the doll but she failed to break free, while Alice, who hadn't regained her strength and power yet, could only sit aside and watch. After a tough struggle, Doris helplessly sat down. Whenever she thought of Woodbury, who had to dangerously face Nome alone, Doris couldn’t hold back her tears anymore and said: “What should I do...Woodbury is in danger...I...I am her sister...But I can’t protect her ...” She kept wiping out her tears, but failed to stop her tears.

        Suddenly, a warm palm gently rested on her shoulder, with Alice’s voice echoing in her ears: “Don’t cry. That’s not what sisters do, alright? I will transfer my power to you...Let’s protect our family together.” Upon saying those words, a stream of magic flowed from Alice to Doris. Two similar, but somehow different magic powers clashed together inside Doris. She felt her whole body burn while she also felt cold water flowing through her body. As the two powers clashed together, she felt so much pain that she collapsed to the ground, while happy childhood memories of her sisters flashed across her mind
...In hopes of being able to be happy again like the good old days, Doris clenched her fists and struggled to control the two powers in her body.

        Blue and red light lit up the whole space and the doll that entrapped them was immediately pushed away. Doris conjured water elements in one hand and pointed a gun of Matryoshka in the other hand, and shouted: “Let us go, now! Or I will shoot you into smithereens!” Matryoshka was frightened, continuously shaking her head. Doris walked up to Alice and tried to lift her up, but Alice gently pushed her away and said: “You go first...I will catch up with you after I recover...” Doris nodded and dashed to Woodbury’s side.

        When Doris returned to the castle, the fire that had already engulfed the castle was burning even more violently now. At that moment, a huge explosion echoed in the air. Doris came closer and looked intently and she saw Nome battle with a girl while Woodbury fell to the ground. That girl was Woodbury's last defense! The girl was covered in wounds, while Nome also had some wounds but still looked at ease. Apparently, he hadn't used much of his power. In the end, the girl was defeated and was about to sacrifice herself to protect Woodbury. As Nome conjured his power for the fatal attack, Doris immediately attacked him with her fire gun and a water ball!

        Nome had to dodge the attack, while Doris seized this opportunity to ran to Woodbury's side, hugged her, and asked: “Are you ok, Woodbury? I’m here now! Everything's going to be okay!” Upon hearing Doris's voice, Woodbury opened her eyes and said:“ sister...Why are you...” “You little silly! We are a family! We face everything together!” Looking at Doris, Woodbury suddenly realized the unbreakable bond of family. She reached out her hand and touched Doris's cheek, a spark emerged out of Woodbury's body, flew towards Doris and melt into Doris's body, who felt a warm feeling flow through her body.

        “I will also...pass my you...” Woodbury said weakly. Doris left Woodbury under the dolls' care and stood up to confront Nome. With both hands, Nome conjured fire element, which gradually transformed into two burning chains. He held the chains and dashed towards Doris, saying: “You do deserve the name of 'the demon descendant'! If I had a choice, I wouldn't hurt you, but...” He then whipped the chain at Doris, who jumped up and dodged his attack, but then he whipped the chains upwards and caught Doris! The fire burned violently; her skin would soon melt from the ruthless heat.

        Nome, thinking he had everything under control, laughed like a madman. As he was just about to kill Doris and Woodbury, a strong light suddenly blinded his eyes! Before he could realize, his fire chains broke into pieces while Doris pointed her gun to his head. She merged all her magic into the gun. “Bang!” The fire power, in the shape of a bullet, dart towards Nome. Nome shielded himself with fire and contemptuously said: “Huh! You think you’re gonna beat me with that?” Suddenly, light element steeped from the bullet. Nome was blinded by the bright light! Water power flooded through the bullet, putting out Nome’s fire and the fire element power then hit Nome! Combining the three elements, the powerful shot defeated Nome with only one strike…

        Doris walked up to Nome, who said,with blood in his mouth: “I didn't expect... the monster to be good…” “You lost because you're alone, but we have our family to support us.” “Haha...Everything I did was for our family...” Before Nome vanished, he saw the human's wife, who he had met when he was young; she was smiling, waiting for him.

        Doris helped Woodbury stand up, while Alice slowly limped towards them. The three sisters hugged and cried together. The destiny that has haunted them has finally come to an end…

        “I will stay in the Wonderland to maintain its existence.” Alice said. Upon seeing Doris and Woodbury's surprised expressions, Alice replied: “This is our new home now, you know?” With that said, the three sisters smiled. “I'll find all the other family members in case there's someone else like Nome.” Woodbury said. After all the suffering they had experienced, she finally got rid of the hatred in her heart and became herself again. “What about you, Doris?” “Me? I...” Doris hesitated for a while before replying:, “I’d like to stay in the realm and continue my adventure!” “Really? That’s your plan?” “Hey...You’re not that serious about your future...” Upon hearing Alice and Woodbury's complaint, Doris smiled even brighter, as if they lived in the good old days again.

        The three sisters decided to go separate ways for now and carry on with their own journeys, but none of them were sad, for they knew that their family bond will always stay strong and that they weren’t homeless since the door of Wonderland was always open for them...