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        “Look, the armor has extracted your soul from your body.” Verthandi cut the bandages on Odin’s shoulder open. The wound inflicted by Brynhildr was still in a vivid color; it neither bled nor healed, as if it was frozen in extreme coldness.

        “I can feel that the armor will eventually replace my body…”

        Odin’s body was becoming the armor stand; it gradually lost its shape as it melted into the armor. As the leader of the Northern Alliance, Odin could never disclose the changes on his body. He could only ask Mimir’s daughters to diagnose him in private.

        “Odin, you have been completely altered by the power,” said Skuld gravely. “Whether to become a God or a Demon, thinking makes it so.”

        “Then let the power empty me. I must fight, even if that means I will become a Demon — ”

        “In my opinion, you will not end up becoming a Demon,” Urd rebound his wound. “Instead, you will become a war deity, formidable yet insane.”

        “It doesn’t matter.” Odin put on his armor. “Let’s move. Tyr and Hel are waiting for us.”

        ‘You are always right, Odin, our wise leader...’

        In a swing of Odin’s spear overflowing with godly power, he vaporized an entire column of Demons. Odin rushed through the path into a tent surrounded by enemies, in a speed that his armor seemed weightless. All soldiers in the tent had already taken the last train to glory. Odin rummaged through the bodies to find Hel, who had already become paralyzed. Though she had not breathed her last yet, the demonic curse she had inherited from her mother was swallowing her body and soul. “She’s beyond cure.” But when Odin was about to shroud her body in a piece of cloth, he recalled Brynhildr’s words.

        ‘...yet this is not the reason for you to absolve yourself from your sins!’

        ‘Sins? Are you trying to say that I’m a sinner?’

        ‘There is no killing that is sinless.’

        Odin opened his breastplate. He crushed his chest with his spear until a pit formed on his chest, yet his “wound” showed no signs of bruise. He placed the girl inside the pit, where his armor could protect. Odin’s godly power slowly seeped into her body. Before her mentality was altered by the power, Odin must return to extract her soul.

        “Time’s running out.”

        Odin rode on Sleipnir, once again, pointing his spear at his enemies —

        After the battle, Hel’s body was sent to Loki by Odin’s order. However, the Armor of Runes had memorized Hel’s power, in the exact manner it had treated Sleipnir as part of itself. It also considered Hel as its inner armor. Despite the fact that her body had faded, the armor, which kept growing stronger, would always rebuild her form according to its memory.

        Later, Odin sealed himself before he completely lost his mind. Only the strong who could shatter his armor would be granted the chance to see Hel’s body, the only manifestation of his past kindness.