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        Since Odin obtained the Armor of Runes, its power gained him the ability to turn the tides of the war between Humans and Demons. He expelled the Demons and sealed Nidhogg into Enochian Tower, bringing peace to the Realm. Therefore, he was named “the Allfather” of the North. However, he gradually lost God power in the realm of Humans. As the power of Runes consumed him, Odin’s body was replaced by the armor. God power took over his mind and he began to lose control of himself. Before Odin completely lost control of himself, Urd and his sister fulfilled his wishes and sealed him into Enochian Tower.

        However, instead of ending Odin's pain, the seal only extended it. Odin not only suffered from the pain of his chaotic consciousness, but also the inevitable outcome of sacrificing himself for the people...He forever lived in pain and sacrificed his life for the people. In order to ease his pain, the power of Runes displayed an illusion of an alternative life for him…

        Since Odin's parents died on the battlefield, Odin lived with the patriarch. The patriarch treated Odin as his own son, arranging him to train with Thor under Mimir's guidance. Mimir told Odin that the world could only be at peace if Odin sacrificed himself. Although Odin hesitated at first, he still vowed to do so. After growing up, he set off to find the Armor of Runes with Urd.

        They later found the Armor of Runes in a deserted town. After they defeated the Souls of the Deceased, Odin cleaned his armor and lifted his helmet midair to put it on when he suddenly remembered what Urd asked him not long ago: “Do you really wish to become the Allfather, and you're willing to sacrifice everything in exchange for peace.” Odin stopped what he was doing and asked himself: “Do I really want this responsibility, knowing that I have to sacrifice everything? Can I really make a difference after I wear this armor?” He gazed at Urd, hoping to get an answer, but Urd simply replied: “I’m just an outsider.” Urd can see the future but she decided not to intervene and let Odin make his own choices.

        Odin did not hesitate anymore. He put down the helmet and said: “I'm sorry...I can’t take this responsibility. The responsibility is too much to bear.” With these words, he turned and left. Thinking that his behavior humiliated Aesir, he did not want to see Thor again. He set off on an adventure to travel the North, hoping to witness new things every day.

        During his journey, he noticed more regions in the North were invaded by Demons. Places were in ruins everywhere. Although all the races united to fight off the Demons, they could not change what was happening...War in the North expanded and the Demons stayed undefeated.

        Odin walked everyday, aimlessly. He continued his journey when the sun rose and rested under trees when night fell. He never knew where he was. In his dreams, Odin always heard the cries of souls. They walked up to Odin, scorning his selfishness and cowardice…Odin had nowhere to escape to. Every time he woke up from his nightmares, millions of eyes gazed at him with resentment. He was frightened and immediately escaped, but the footsteps chased after him and swiftly approached him. He slipped and fell into a slope that took him to a deserted town. Although he thought the town looked familiar, he had no time to think twice. Footsteps approached. He had no choice but to immediately find a place to hide. He hid in a house, without expecting to find the Armor of Runes inside! Turns out this was where the Armor of Runes was stored! Destiny was summoning him. Throughout the ages, the Armor of Runes stayed in the same place, waiting for its master—Odin to return.

        Mimir’s words echoed in his ears: “some people must sacrifice their own lives, for the sake of others.” “Someone has to live to protect the others!” Odin picked up his helmet. He looked at himself and smiled: “This is probably my destiny. I hope my sacrifice will bring hope to the world.”

        He put on the Armor of Runes and fought off the Demons. Odin became so powerful that he represented the belief of all people. He led the Humans to fight off Demons and temporarily created peace in the North. However, the God power will corrupt a Human's soul in the end. Odin knew he would one day lose control of his mind and become mad. Therefore, he entrusted Urd and her sisters to seal him away when he was still awake…

        “It’s my destiny. I would sacrifice myself for the others. Let God power consume me until my soul no longer exists. I will sacrifice myself for peace, as long as it may last...”