Yinping was born in a tranquil village. Her family, including her parents, a brother, a little sister, relied on farming for a living, and they led a stable life. As Yinping was grown-up, her parents wanted to marry her off, but Yinping always thought marriage was an absurd thing.
        “Why do I have to get married? As a woman, is it inevitable for me to find a husband and have children?” Sitting in front of a dresser, Yinping could barely recognize herself after wearing rouge.
        Yinping was unwilling to conform with the tradition, but she was unable to refuse after watching their parents’ smiles. Just as she got on a palanquin, she heard quick footsteps. A bunch of ill-intentioned soldiers were surrounding the village.
        “From now on, this village is governed by Master Cao Cao. For the prosperity of our country, we’ll collect half of your crops monthly!” A general announced.
        “What!? It’s totally outrageous! How can we——Ah!” A middle-aged man was beaten up by soldiers because of his retort, then threw up on the ground. The general put his sword near the man’s neck, and warned as he glanced at all the villagers: “This is an order. You have no rights to defy it! If you did, you’ll end up in death like this man!”
        Raising his sword, the soldier was about to slash the man——
        Clash! A blue-haired girl Guan Yu parried the attack with her blade, and sent him flying with a kick.
        “Humph! How dare you bully the underprivileged! Disgusting!”
        “Guan Yu, you feel nauseous because you drank too much yesterday. Don’t blame on others.” A gentleman with glasses Liu Bei and a blond boy Zhang Fei showed up.
        “Defying us is equal to defying Cao Cao! You’ll suffer!”
        “Haha! You have no idea how much I hate Cao Cao. Maybe I should vent my rage on you guys first.” Guan Yu talked to Liu Bei and Zhang Fei: “Don’t meddle in my affair. Leave them to me.”
        “You’re full of boasts. How can a woman like you take us down?” The general stood up and ordered dozens of soldiers to surround Guan Yu; she grinned, swung her Crescent Blade and knocked down all of them right away.
        Yinping was impressed by the braveness of Guan Yu. Her long-locked heart had finally unlocked. She seemed to find a way out in her life, which she had never imagined before.
        As Guan Yu was about to leave after all the soldiers were down, Yinping ran towards regardless of her own wedding gown. She begged for Guan Yu as she kneeled down: “I’m Yinping, please accept me as your pupil!”
        “What?” Guan Yu looked stunned. “We’re not playing kid games. You’re putting your life at stake!”
        “I know, but I want to have my own life. I want to be as strong as you!” Yinping’s determination was unshakable. Guan Yu paused before she responded: “...I heard that there was a wolf in the forest attacking kids here. If you can defeat it, I’ll accept you.”
        “A wolf?” Yinping got up and turned around; watching her back, Guan Yu felt like she was meeting her past self. “Guan Yu, you know it is tough for her. How can a plebeian defeat a wolf?” said Liu Bei.
        “That’s why I said so. I bet she dares not risk her life to defeat that wolf. Let’s go get our supplies. After all, Zhao Yun and Zhuge are waiting for us.”
        Guan Yu put Yinping’s thing aside and bought some suppliers in the village. At dusk, the two went back to the entrance, and saw Zhang Fei look anxious.
        “Zhang Fei, what is the matter?” asked Liu Bei. “Yinping...takes a blade...go into the forest...dangerous…”
        “What!” Guan Yu was astonished, almost dropping her Crescent Blade. “That foolish girl won’t really go to kill the wolf, right?”
        “Let’s save her!”
        Led by Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Liu Bei soon found her; the wolf sneaked up on Yinping and was about to pounce on her. Guan Yu threw her Crescent Blade out in time, piercing through its body, and saved Yinping’s life.
        “Phew...that was a close call.” Guan Yu wiped her sweat. “Are you nuts? How can you possibly kill it?” She scolded at Yinping as she walked out of the forest.
        “But I really want to be your pupil!” Yinping did not give in. “You lost your bet this time, Guan Yu” Liu Bei shook his head and tapped on her shoulder.
        “But her family——”
        “I’ve cut off all the relationship with my family, because I don’t want to get married.”
        “You…” Guan Yu scratched her head as she saw Yinping determination. “Sigh, alright. I can teach you martial arts, but I don’t accept you as my pupil. I’m not used to being called Master.”
        “Then how do I call you?”
        “Well…” Guan Yu was hesitant. Liu Bei said as he pushed up his glasses: “Maybe you two become blood sisters. As Yinping has already cut off her family relationship, we can give Guan Yu’s last name to her.”
        “Guan Yinping...sounds good! I love it” Guan Yinping held Guan Yu’s hands and smiled: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, sister.”

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