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        “Shigeharu! Don’t go!” Fubuki suddenly woke in fright from a dream. She gazed around, and realized that she was in the strange inn room and not the burning shrine in her dream. Fubuki slowly calmed herself. Since Shigeharu had gone missing, she had already had the same nightmare for countless times.

        ‘You had that nightmare again?’ She heard Hajikamiio’s voice.

        Fubuki did not answer but instead, paced around the windows, asking, ‘Do you think it is possible for us to save Shigeharu...?’

        It depends on how determined you are,” replied Hajikamiio.

        ‘Right. Let’s hope that the information we received this time is true.” Fubuki gazed at a far distance, at the vast forest which she heard that there was sign of Shigeharu.

        In order to find Shigeharu, Fubuki and Hajikamiio had journeyed to many places. Every time she was about to give up, she would recall the promise between Shigeharu and herself; filling with energy, she would once again set off in search of him.

        Hajikamiio suddenly said in flat, toneless voice, ‘If you want to undo the Mind Controlling-jutsu, you have to awaken the heart and memory of that person...’

        ‘What do you mean by that?”

        ‘Whether or not you can save that man who is so important to you depends upon the strength of your bond.’

        Fubuki grinned, and responded with confidence, “Then I can definitely save Shigeharu, because no one can ever break the bond between us.’

        Hajikamiio smiled, pleased, for this confidence in Fubuki was precisely what he wanted to see. In the beginning, he had chosen to be her Shigikami because of her resolute faith. Fubuki too smiled at him; in the beginning, she did not think that their relationship would have been as positive. Now, when she looked back, she realized that perhaps all of these were predestined.

        ‘Get some sleep! Don't dwell on what you cannot control.’ Hajikamiio shouted at her.

        ‘You’re right. It’s useless to think too much now.’ Fubuki returned to her bed as she spoke. Closing her eyes, she sank back into her dreams.

        In the past, Hajikamiio lived in a huge lake surrounded by a continuous mountain range; he had been living in relative seclusion from the world until Humans came and established their village at the lakeside. Hajikamiio revealed himself from the lake to drive them away; however, the Humans worshipped him as a deity, and made offerings to him regularly. Hajikamiio, who fed on the Human’s food offerings, allowed them to take water from the lake. They lived in peace ever since.

        Later, as the village prospered, its population spread throughout; when some of their offspring returned, they led the villagers in the construction of wells. They did not depend on water from the lake anymore, and therefore, they stopped their offerings to Hajikamiio. He felt betrayed, and in rage, he slaughtered every human living there. Finally, he was sealed by the Great Onmyōji...