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        Taishang Laojun was delegated by Yuanshi Tianzun to observe the Zodiacs. At time same time, he was required to regroup the 12 scattered Zodiacs and prepare for the battle with Zeus. As an observer, he also fought together with the Zodiacs. Their enemies included Demons, even Gods. He was supposed to simply carry out the duty, nothing more. However, one day, Taishang Laojun was attracted by a tough, pink-haired girl named Poppy.
        Later, Poppy was faint in a battle against Demons due to injuries. Worrying about her condition, Taishang Laojun stayed with her, took care of her, without eating for a month. Soon, his affair with “Poppy” was sent to Yuanshi Tianzun ears, so he commanded Jiang Shang to took Taishang Laojun back to the Heavenly Kingdom. Although he was reluctant to return, he could not defy the order of the elder Xian.
        Back to the Heavenly Kingdom, Taishang Laojun trained hard and lived an ascetic life as usual, without sleeping and eating. Poppy's hurt was his fault. He failed to protect her.
        One day, Taishang Laojun was summoned by Yuanshi Tianzun in the palace, but no one was inside as he arrived. When he stepped forwards, a dazzling, giant magic circle appeared under his feet all of a sudden. It was a trap. The magic circle was immune to his attacks. At this moment, Yuanshi Tianzun walked into the palace slowly; he waved his hand, and water started flooding in the circle——
        “It's time for you to grow up.”
        The water level was getting higher and higher. In the blink of an eye, Taishang Laojun was drowning; his consciousness began to sink into the darkness…
        Taishang Laojun slightly opened his eyes and found himself lying on a farmland surrounded by flowers. It was the place where he usually hung out with Poppy. Then, he saw a person, who looked exactly the same like him, came up to him.
        “I'm you, and you're me. Yin and Yang create a perfect harmony.” “Taishang Laojun” gathered earth elemental power with both fists and sprinted towards Taishang Laojun, who blocked the attack with both hands; the impact caused him step backwards to set off the power. Then, “Taishang Laojun” kept throwing punches without giving him any time to rest.
        “Useless! That's why you can't even protect your love, ” said “Taishang Laojun” ironically.
        His words hit the right nail on the head. He must transcend himself in order to protect her. Only both of them combined as one, he could become stronger. Therefore, he took the attacks from “Taishang Laojun”——
        “I want to be with you, even though I'll die...” Taishang Laojun kept repeating Poppy's words.
        He gathered all the Xian energy into his hands to unleash a heavy strike; a giant emerald light beam was cast over “Taishang Laojun” and completely crushed him. Meanwhile, the magic circle was broken; water splashed on the ground. Taishang Laojun survived, getting down on one knee.
        “It seems you've conquered your evil within,” Yuanshi Tianzun said as he walked towards Taishang Laojun.
        He got up and bowed. “Yes, thank you for your enlightenment.”
        “Now you can head to the realm of Gods.”
        “Realm of Gods?”
        “Someone is waiting for you.”
        Yuanshi Tianzun, who was actually a magic clone, vanished into thin air after telling him the conflict between the Zodiacs and Gods. The "real" form of Tianzun was already fighting in the battle. After knowing the truth, Taishang Laojun immediately set out to the warzone...