Inside the Castle of Hearts in the Wonderland, March Hare was running with a jewellery box. He was holding the box tightly and running increasingly faster, in hopes that he could present the seemingly priceless treasure to the Queen.

        “Your majesty, March Hare has found a treasure!” He handed the box to the Queen excitedly.

        A guard took the box from the hare and opened it in front of the Queen. Looking at the strange red gemstone inside the box, the Queen of Hearts could not help her unease.

        “March Hare, where did you find it?” asked the Queen of Hearts.

        “I saw a shiny thing in the courtyard. Then, I walked closer to it and found this stone.”

        The longer the Queen looked at the gemstone, the eerier the stone appeared to her. After thinking about it for a while, she ordered:

        “This thing is peculiar. And the power on it does not belong to the Wonderland. Destroy it before it trouble arises!”

        The guard took out the gemstone and threw it into the air. He swung his sword in attempt to smash it, but the stone remained unharmed no matter how many times it was slashed. Everyone was curious about what they saw. The Queen of Hearts stood up and picked up the stone with her sharp claws. In the clear gaze of all, strange golden flames ignited from the sharp claws The flames' extreme temperature was palpable to all, as wave after wave of heat washed across their face.

        All of a sudden, a soft voice reverberated throughout the whole castle:

        ‘The soft wind shall sing out the spells, awakening the power which hitherto has been slumbering. The meaning of our existence it shall tell. Wake up to hear me singing. Rise and fight, relieve the world’s plight.’

        A strange red light emerged from the gemstone, turning the golden fire orange-red. The scorching flame gradually condensed into a fireball, which then swelled to become a strange creature...

        ‘Little girl of the Wonderland. Tell me, how can I leave?’

        The Queen of Hearts was confused. Then, the voice demanded again.

        “Little girl of the Wonderland, I ask you once more. How can I leave? If you don’t tell me, they all have to die!”

        Soon, a black hole appeared from beside the creature and from it, Alice emerged, curtsying to the creature.

        “Piasa, revered envoy of Elder God. Please forgive their rudeness. You may leave.”

        As Piasa leapt into the black hole, the tremendous heat vanished immediately. In the castle, perspiration rained down from all those present, but besides that, there was no other traces of Piasa, as if it was never there.

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