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        After Shu had forgiven the spiritual beasts, sometimes he flew to the sky with Tefnut and gazed at the tribes which were slowly rebuilt by them. Back to the shrine, looking around, Shu started to recall the things happened in the past. When he was immersed in the memories, the Ancestral Elements seemed to resonate with his heart, creating a vision that walked him through an alternative life…
        “Shu, will you leave with me? Let's see the world outside the shrine. Let's have an adventure!” A werecat Tefnut looked at him with a pair of beady eyes and waited for his answer.
        “I...” Shu hesitated. He turned around, looking at the Ancestral Elements and Seth.
        Shu had been assigned the mission of guarding over the Ancestral Elements since he was born. It was also the meaning and value of his existence.
        Although he did like Tefnut, but he could not just abandon his duty. “...Sorry, I can't. I must stay at this shrine. Please, leave,” Shu felt sorry to refuse Tefnut.
        “Shu!” Tefnut called out. However, he had already make up his mind and flew straight into the shrine without looking back.
        Tefnut did not give up. She came to the shine every day, but Shu was unwilling to see her. As time went by, she began to feel disheartened. Today was the last time Tefnut visited the shrine. She came to say goodbye, “Shu, please take good care of yourself. I'm leaving.”
        She smiled at the empty shine and left; watching Tefnut gradually out of his sight, Shu was heartbroken, bursting into tears. However, he never felt regretful about his decision.
        Day after day, Shu and Seth took on their mission to protect the Ancestral Elements, but he did not forget Tefnut, and did not forget everything she spoke on the world outside. One day, the stone gate of the shrine was slowly pushed away. A man in cloak showed up; Shu and Seth immediately stood in the way to stop him...
        “Who are you? This is a sacred place. No one can enter without permissions!” Seth warned with his staff pointing at the man.
        “So, this is the shrine...” The man grinned at them. He took a deep breath and said, “I'm Nightfall Savant. Where are the Ancestral Elements?”
        “Humph! It's none of your concern! Get out now!” Shu casted an energy sphere over the Nightfall Savant. The whole shrine began to shake, raising a lot of dust and dirt. However, his attack was blocked by a gigantic shield.
        “Im-impossible! How could he——” At this moment, the Nightfall Savant flicked his fingers and there was a loud noise coming from the outside! The noises were getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the shrine shook violently; one of the walls was destroyed. Standing in front of them was a giant Nightfall Combatant!
        As Shu and Seth wanted to gather elemental power to dispel the enemy, the Nightfall Combatant reached out his fist. Someone was struggling to get rid of him——she was Tefnut who should have left the shrine!
        As soon as Shu saw her, he was shocked and immediately stopped Seth from attacking.
        “Give the Ancestral Elements to me or she'll die!” The Nightfall Savant ordered.
        “No way! It's essential to the realm. I won't hand it to anyone no matter who you're!” Seth refused.
        “Don't listen to this bastard...You definitely can't give it to him...” Tefnut gasped out a few words.
        “Really? Alright then...” The Nightfall Savant winked at the Combatant, who then choked her with great strength. Groaning in pain, Tefnut was faint right away.
        “Tefnut!” Shu called out nervously. “Seth! She is dying! Give him the Ancestral Elements,” he urged.
        “Shu! We can't abandon our missions simply because of Tefnut! We're putting the lives of the entire world at stake!” Seth refused to hand it to the enemy resolutely.
        Watching Tefnut become weaker and weaker and hearing the evil grin of the Nightfall Savant, Shu could no longer contain his emotions.
        “Roarrrr!” He let out a shout; the earth elements began to flow into his body. Resonating with his call, the Ancestral Elements were shining with emerald glow!
        Shu gathered all the power on his hands to create a sphere; the energy sphere was inflating and began to reach the Nightfall Savant and Combatant.
        With a push, the sphere was casted over the enemies promptly! The Nightfall Savant was able to conjure a shield in time, but he was unable to withstand the power. The shield was completely crushed, and they were surrounded by the green light.
        As the light faded away, the two of the enemies were already gone; shreds of the cloak fell slowly in the air...Shu came up to Tefnut immediately. He finally felt relieved after knowing she was still alive. Gazing at that broken wall, Shu and Seth were clear that they could not stay on the sidelines anymore…
        “I thought I could stay out of trouble if I'm in the shrine. However, I still couldn't avoid it. If this is the case, I would rather go outside and explore the world myself...”