A hunter took out a rope from his pouch and tied it around a unicorn’s jaw, immobilizing its tongue. “This thing’s really noisy! If it weren’t for the fact that it’s a mythological creature, I would have cut off its tongue a long time ago.” “Luckily you didn’t. It’s not worth a penny if it doesn’t have a tongue. Just think about it. Mythological beasts are worth a fortune and this one even talks! We can sell it for a higher price!”

        The two hunters on horses dragged an iron cage out of the forest. In the iron cage, the unicorn was tied up from head to toe and could only curl up in its tiny cage. It was also stripped of its ability to talk, so it could only wait for a chance to escape. The hunters entered a secluded alley and stopped at the backdoor of a theatre where an old man stood there waiting for them.

        “What have you gentlemen brought for me...Hm?” A sudden radiance shone from within the cage — it came from the unicorn’s hair and horn, startling the old man: “This...Could this be a unicorn?”

        “Bingo! And a talking one no less!” One of the hunters happily said while devising a plan: “It was born in the Divine Woodland. It gained power from the Divine Tree and can now express its own thoughts. It can even read a poem or two!” The old man was skeptical, so the hunter opened the cage, untied the unicorn and waited for it to speak. However, it stayed in silence with its eyes closed. “It’s dead? The starting price is going to lower by half...” the old man said. The hunter knew the unicorn was faking it, so he took out a dagger and lightly stabbed the beast’s bottom, causing it to scream in fear: “You cheap hunters! I’m gonna kill you!” The hunter merely laughed: “Now you know it can talk.”

        After a while, the unicorn was pushed onto the auction stage in the theatre. Under the spotlight, the unicorn shimmered with elegant radiance, but it moved around as if it had gone mad as it kept repeating the words “I’m not a unicorn!” All that were present cheered with amazement and started bidding for the mythological creature. When the bidding reached higher than a million, only a circus leader raised his auction paddle and successfully bought the unicorn.

        “Talking unicorn, huh? Tell me a joke about the Divine Woodland.” The circus leader pulled on his cigarette and led the unicorn toward a dark corner of his circus. The unicorn curled up in its cage and closed its eyes again. Upon seeing this, the circus leader took a red-hot iron from a furnace and a rabbit from a cage. He then said to the unicorn, “If you pretend to act dead again, this will happen to you — ” With that said, he pushed the iron against the rabbit’s belly, causing the helpless rabbit to struggle and let out screeches of pain. The unicorn was shocked by what it saw and murmured, “Jokes...I don’t know any.” The circus leader then snorted before replying: “If you’re humorous, you would draw in more audience. Even though you’re an endangered species, you’re only slightly better than those spiritual beasts.” As he spoke, he pointed to the cages around him. Within them were colorful beasts: chickens, cats, frogs...all of them were in the shape of a Human. Their arms and legs were completely covered in whip wounds and bruises, and their eyes had lost focus. Appalled by the scene, the unicorn asked with a soft voice, “What do you want me to do?” The man smiled and said, “Didn’t I buy your brain too? We are a circus. Of course you’re going to perform!”

        Upon hearing that, the unicorn broke out in a cold sweat: ‘Is there any chance I can leave this hell?’

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