“Wake up, Todd! Out of your dreams! We have to leave for the next battlefield!” Todd was holding a head which he had just cut off. Ignoring Todd’s unsatisfied look, Midnight Joker dragged him away before he could finish devouring the dead man’s soul. The decapitated man Dullahan heard Todd walk away—

        ‘Hmmm? Didn’t I just get decapitated? Why can I still hear?’ Dullahan tried to move his limbs around, and found that he could still feel them! He crawled to stand back up, stretching out his hands to touch his own face, but to no avail. ‘Why am I still alive?’

        All those left in the town were the residents who escaped death by hiding in the cellar with Dullahan the only exception; he survived because of the inadvertent injection of demonic power into him.

        “Get out of here! You evil Demon!” In the past, Dullahan had gotten along well with the residents there. Yet, now they would now drive him away, throwing bricks and rocks lying by the roadside at him. Despite Dullahan’s denying and explaining, the residents would not believe him, and continued flinging stones at him. Their merciless attack further injured his body and mind.

        Finally, Dullahan stopped fighting back, and just stood stiffly against the residents’ attack. He thought to himself, ‘I would rather die now than be treated and hunted as a Demon for the rest of my life.’

        Suddenly, a horse charged into the crowd, breaking the encirclement, and separated Dullahan from the residents. He immediately realized that it was his beloved horse; therefore, without a second thought, he mounted it and galloped away.

        “Well...after all, I did fight my way out. I guess I’m still not ready to die. Look what I’ve become. Nobody would ever accept a freak like me, right?” With that, Dullahan’s horse neighed to protest, as if it understood his self-deprecating mutter. He immediately patted on his dearest horse’s neck, apologized, “Sorry, I forgot I still have you.”

        Feeling downcast, Dullahan wandered around, leading his horse behind him, when he tripped over some pumpkin vines. Covered with wounds, it took Dullahan much effort to stand back up. Yet, he soon found himself in another perplexing situation.

        “Hey! we finally found our daddyyyy!” With hands held, three little pumpkins encircled Dullahan, dancing around him while singing a song he had never heard.

        “How I am possibly your father?” Dullahan sighed and said as he pointed his finger at where his head used to be. To his surprise, he touched something stiff! Not until then did he realize that when he fell down, his neck had inadvertently poked itself into a pumpkin!
        Growl! Out of all possible moments, Dullahan's stomach had chosen to start growling now. After all, he had been solely preoccupied with escaping, and had not given a thought to eating.

The little pumpkins nimbly took out their candies and squeezed them into Dullahan’s hands, “You hungry, daddy? Eat some candies, and you’ll feel better!”

        Seeing the pumpkins showing him care, Dullahan could not help compare them to the town residents. He felt a sudden gush of warmth spread through him — it was the first time Dullahan felt loved and cared since he had lost his head.

        Since then, to ensure the livelihoods of himself and his "sons", Dullahan would journey out at night to gather materials in the forest. Since it was difficult for him to navigate in darkness, he put candles into an emptied pumpkin and held it for illumination. As the rumor spread, it became an urban legend — one that stated the headless horseman would go hunting with a pumpkin lantern in hand.

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