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        With the effort of Mufasa and other comrades, Spiritual Civilization had gradually revived. Observing from the sky, Tefnut was convinced that this time they could get back on the right track, and led the tribe towards a bright future after all the great hardship and suffering. At this moment, she was shrouded in a blanket of mysterious fog created by Ancestral Elements. Then, a vision began to appear before her eyes…
        Since she found the Ancestral Elements, Tefnut was able to stand on two feet and speak Human languages. Excited to have such a miraculous change, she could not wait to show it to the people in the city. However, she was just turned into a half-cat half-human creature, not a complete one of either, which scared off the citizens right away. Due to her wired appearance, Tefnut was captured by a circus, living a miserable life.
        Day after day, she was ordered to pretend like a human to entertain the audience in the performance. If she refused, she would be whipped. Her body was full of scars and scratches over time.
        One night, Tefnut was kept in captivity with other animals in a small cage, and the food provided by the circus crew was nothing like enough. These poor, frail animals did not only feel starving, they were also beaten every day, surviving on their own will.
        As Tefnut was going to put the food in her mouth, an emaciated leopard cub came up and looked at her with pitiful eyes. Therefore, she gave the food to it. Watching the cub gobbling up the meal, she began to feel helpless. “Will our whole life be at the mercy of humans?”
        One day, Tefnut and the other animals were abused by the circus again, even the bellicose bear let out a howl of pain when getting beaten. At the time, the animals were in an uproar, because the leopard cub could not take it anymore and lay on the ground. However, the crew did not stop, but kept throwing punches mercilessly, until it stopped breathing.
        Tefnut ignored the circus owner and took the cub into her arms. It was already gone, leaving this world without even having a glimpse of the beautiful world outside the circus…
        Tefnut had been repressing her emotions. Now she could no longer contain the grief and indignation in her heart, howling with tears. The sky began to rain heavily, which rose the river level and flooded into the camp. Tefnut and the other animals took this opportunity to escape right away. She kept running for her life, but she could hear quick footsteps coming after her, let alone the shouting of the circus owner. Tefnut did not stop, for she must get rid of that hell-like life.
        In order to avoid their hunt, Tefnut hid into the underbrush nearby, waiting for the right time. At this moment, screams came from the riverside. Peeping through the underbrush, she saw the circus owner and his crew were drowning.
        She wanted to help them. After all, life was priceless. However, she stopped when she recalled the miserable life of the animals in the past.
        “They abused us mercilessly. If I save them, more animals will be harmed. These bastards...they deserve it!”
        The yelling of the owner and the crew soon was covered by the water. Before long, they were all drowned to death…
        Afterwards, Tefnut came to an old shine to avoid humans’ pursuit. She met Seth and Shu, the guardians of Ancestral Elements.
        As Tefnut shared a similar goal with Shu, both of them left the shine, embarking on a journey around the realm together. During the trip, they encountered Ra. The three of them thought the whole world was rotting, so they decided to create a “Utopia” with the Ancestral Elements. They went deep into the woods where there were only animals, because they believed that only pure, innocent animals were fit to be the residents of the Utopia.
        With the power of the Ancestral Elements, animals could stand on two feet and speak human languages. Tefnut taught them knowledge and defensive skills. Based on her past, painful experience, she had to tell them: Humans were their greatest enemy.
        As a result, the animals hated humans’ guts. Fearing their threat, they started a war against humans to protect their family and for the sake of future generations. Soon, the war between humans and animals had spread to the entire realm.
        Tefnut watched over the war from the sky. Bloodshed was everywhere; the ground was piled up with corpses; some were humans, and some were animals. However, their sacrifices did not put an end to the war. They kept swinging their weapons against each other until death. Looking at such cruel scene before her eyes, Tefnut did not feel relieved. The depressed feelings still lingered in her heart…
        “Animals have been oppressed and harmed by Humans. If we need to survive, we have to fight. We shouldn’t be merciful to these cold-hearted enemies.”