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        Learning from her agonizing experience, Mastema obeyed Belial’s every order, yet she had been secretly planning to overthrow him, although Mastema knew it was impossible for her to confront Belial alone; all other Demons in the realms were either loyal to Belial, or feared to revolt. Forming her own force would not be easy.

        Since the existing Demons were not able to rival the Gods, both in power and in number, Belial assigned Mastema a new mission — research for a way to strengthen the Demons’ army. Thereafter, she began to research for all kinds of methods. Later, while she was passing by a village, she heard the clamor of the villagers. At first, she did not want to get involved, yet the words of the villagers grabbed her attention...

        “This bastard’s inventions had destroyed everything in the village! He said he could centralize the water, yet the river was flooded; he said he could bring harvest, yet all the crops died; he said he could fulfill my son’s wishes, yet my son is now dead!”

        “Trial and error is the foundation of inventions and experiments. You blame me only because of your ignorance!”

        “What?! We must kill you bastard and burn all your killing tools!”

        Mastema came close to the crowd and saw a man being tied to a wood pillar. The villagers set fire on the hay and the man’s inventions around, trapping the man in a sea of fire. Watching his inventions being burned, the man yelled in grief and indignation, “You idiots! One day you will be killed by your own ignorance!”

        Just then, Mastema walked towards the man through the burning flame, as if the heat was nothing to her at all. She came before the man and asked slowly, “Does it hurt? Do not worry, you will die soon. But your research will be put to an end. What a pity, huh?” She continued after a short pause, “I can get you out of the fire, and let you continue your research. But you have to be at my service at all times. What do you say?”

        The man hesitated. He did not know if he could trust the woman in front of him; receiving no response, Mastema turned to leave, and said coldly, “It is alright. I am not in a hurry anyway.”

        “Okay, okay! But my research belongs to me!” Though the man wanted to live, he did not want to give up his brainchildren.

        “Fair enough. The only thing you need to do is to provide me with your wisdom when I need it.”

        Mastema smiled cunningly. It seemed to others that she was executing Belial’s mission, but in fact she was expanding her own army. If the existing Demons dared not confront Belial, she would create Demons that would follow her orders by sharing her demonic power. She transferred a tiny part of her demonic power to the man, transforming him into a Demon. Mastema named him the Nightfall Savant, he then became active in the realm of Humans as a Demon. Since then, Mastema continued to share her demonic power by signing indentures with others; the only thing she needed was the right timing to overthrow Belial.

        Later, Mastema noticed some strong yet unstable elemental power coming from Enochian Tower, and she knew this was the chance she had been longing for...