Minerelves’ Record Story Ch. 6

        The downtown shopping street on the weekend was bustling with elves. When everyone was focusing on shopping and hanging out, an eye catching silver spark drew their attention. It was Diamond who was rushing towards the clocktower at the center spot, where Amber had been waiting for him.

        “S-Sorry I’m late. Have you been waiting for long?” Diamond gasped for breath.

        “Quite a while,” Amber answer directly. “But it’s fun to watch the other elves too.”

        “I’m sorry. I was caught in the middle of something——”

        “You went to help the others, didn’t you,” Amber said it before Diamond did.

        “Um, how do you know? Have you been spying on me?” Diamond laughed at his own joke and said, “I’m just kidding...Why are you blushing——Whoa!”

        Diamond’s sight was blocked by Amber.

        “Stop looking,” said Amber pouted.

        “But...I can’t see the road.”

        “...Then stop asking.”

        “Alright alright. No more questions.”

        Diamond compromised in order to regain his sight.

        When Amber let go of Diamond, the blush on her face had already faded. Meanwhile, Diamond pretended nothing had happened and said, “let’s go. That cafe is at the next——”

        At this moment, a scream sounded nearby——

        “AHH——! It’s on fire!”

        Dense black smoke was blown from the adjacent street. The fire was fierce enough to make the sky look ominously red in the daytime.

        “This...I’ll go check it out. Wait here!” Diamond set off immediately, but Amber tagged along too.

        “I’ll come with you. Maybe I can help,” said Amber.

        Diamond responded with a smile. They soon arrived at the accident scene, and the fire was raging even more seriously than they thought. Meanwhile, residents were calling for help at the terrace.

        Diamond summoned his power to crystalize his body, running into the building decisively; following behind, Amber conjured the flame bug.

        “Swallow the fire.”

        Commanded by Amber, the flame bug opened its mouth to gulf as much fire as it could.

        As Diamond and Amber worked together, they had successfully stopped the fire from spreading to the buildings nearby. All trapped elves were rescued. Very soon, the firefighters arrived to put out the fire, splashing Diamond and Amber into all wet.

        “They’ll handle the rest. Let’s…” Diamond stopped in the middle of his words, for Amber’s clothes were burnt. Diamond’s current state was no better than her.

        “I’m sorry. It was supposed to be a fun day, but I made a mess.”

        “We can go to the cafe anytime, but the elves in danger can’t wait.”

        What Amber said had encouraged Diamond, and he replied, “exactly! Let’s take a rain check. I’ll be going home——Ah!”

        Diamond was about to leave, but Amber stopped him by dragging his clothes.

        “You’ll get sick if you keep wearing the wet clothes. Go to my place. It’s around the neighbourhood.”

        “N-No, I’m good.” Diamond rejected, but Ambr refused to let go. A moment later, Diamond eventually surrendered to her threatening gaze, heading to her house.

        “Please come in,” said Amber. “The blue door is the bathroom. Help yourself.”

        While Diamond was taking off his clothes for a shower, the door was opened.

        “I get you some dry clothes——What?” Amber was frozen by the half-naked Diamond, and Diamond had the same reaction because of this unanticipated situation.

        Awkward silence lasted for quite a while, and Diamond took the initiative to break it——closing the door to get dressed. Then he came out of the bathroom and knelt before the still-frozen Amber.

        “I’m sorry! The truth is what you just saw. I’m a boy actually!”

        “...Why?” Amber asked when her brain finally started running again.

        “I had a deal with my grandfather. If I can graduate without exposing my gender, then he’ll let me leave this country to the outer world!” Diamond begged Amber sincerely and continued, “please! Don’t expose me!”

        “...Are you telling the truth?”

        “Yes! If I ever lie, I’ll go straight to hell!”

        Amber’s gaze contained an unspoken feeling as she looked at Diamond. Biting her lip, the moments of Diamond helping others flashed across her mind. Eventually, she made up her mind.

        “...I believe you. Your secret is safe with me.”

        Since then, Diamond and Amber had been holding this secret between them...

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