At the end of the Age of Heroic Spirits, the war between Gods and Demons had entered a brief interval. The berserk Odin sealed himself in Enochian Tower, and the others of the North left Asgard for their own reasons. Asgard had once been the center of Aesir and Vanir after their union. When these people’s descendants began spreading out, Asgard became regarded as their hometown and was sanctified. As one of the Gods, Heimdallr volunteered to stay and serve as the Guardian of Asgard, protecting this homeland from Demons’ invasion.

        Heimdallr hibernated for most of his time. He would not wake unless he sensed demonic power. Yet, whenever Asgard suffered from interference of scattered Demons, Heimdallr would wake, and eliminate each and every one. Humans visiting in groups was commonplace; most visitors were merchants passing through and seeking accommodation for the night. However, this led to the complacence that caused Heimdallr’s dreadful blunder.

        “So this is the legendary homeland of Gods?” The thief mastermind glanced around: “Hmmm. Guys! Look around! If we get anything imbued with godly power, we’ll be rich!”

        “Yoo-hoo!” The thieves separated in excitement.

        The infamous thief gang learnt of Asgard from a victimized merchant. It was merely a deserted place to them; the only valuable information they drew from the merchant was the legend about Gods’ homeland. If there was a decent treasure in here, they could sell it to the black market on a high price.

        Believing Asgard to be desolate, the thieves ravaged the place without hesitation. Doors and windows were broken; any building of size were brought down to check for a treasury. Too focused on the task at hand, the thieves failed to notice that their commotion had already awakened Heimdallr.

        Seeing the historically important Asgard ruthlessly destroyed, the furious Heimdallr beat the gang to the brink of death before expelling them from the city. However, his anger did not fade; compared to how he felt about the thieves ransacking Asgard, Heimdallr was even more angry at himself for failing to protect his precious home. Rubble abounded in Asgard. Not even Heimdallr, an individual with his godly powers, could completely restore it.

        “I shall not let outsiders in!” Scowling, Heimdallr looked at all the debris while gradually raising his hands. Godly power surged, and blazing flames boiled the oceans, prompting a thick layer of mist around Asgard. Since then, Asgard’s whereabouts became unknown; yet, he left traces only understandable to his old tribe members, so their descendants could come home when they want. Heimdallr himself, on the other hand, fell back asleep, silently awaiting the descendants’ return...

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