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        Hertz had been wandering in heaven. He was extremely curious about history and civilizations in the ancient times. He was used to taking rests in the woods, so much was he fascinated by its solitude and serenity. Deep in the Divine Woodland, Hertz discovered remnants of a primitive civilization. He repaired the devices he had found with his rich knowledge and tried them out himself when traveling in the woods. On the way, he, by accident, entered a battlefield of the Gods and Demons. He cared nothing about the fight, but the battle would have damaged the Divine Woodland. In a rush, he ran straight towards the battlefield.

        He shouted to the Gods and Demons, “You fools! This is not where you should fight!” He was no ally of both forces. With the devices he built, he drove the two races away, leading them to a somewhere else. His peculiar style of fighting was very different from that of the Gods or the Demons and subsequently his ancient weapons became a scruple for both. They wanted to find Hertz to investigate the unknown power he wielded. However, Hertz was long gone from the battlefield. Later, he returned to the Divine Woodland to study the unknown ancient civilizations there.

        Yet the war showed no signs of ending, Hertz had been seeking ways to preserve the primeval ruins while studying the ancient technologies.