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17.3 Northern Dipper Story Ch. 3

        Somewhere far away from the bustling downtown, there was a ragged house that could collapse anytime. The sign hung above the door was written with “Northern Dipper Agency”.

        “You damned fly!” A furious roar was shouted inside the house. It was from Po Jun, a man with terrifying face like a vicious thug.

        Po Jun and his six fellows had to turn one hundred wishes of mortals into reality, which was also the reason for this agency establishment.

        Yet they knew nothing about running a business. As there were no customers at all, the stars of the Northern Dipper decided to pitch for business. Po Jun was assigned to be the storekeeper, but this was probably the worst decision ever…

        This was a rare day to have a customer coming over. As he walked into the agency, he ran into Po Jun smacking a fly on a wall.

        “Humph! Burn in hell you——” Po Jun said with a ferocious grin, scaring the crap out of the customer.

        “I-I-I’m sorry. P-P-Please d-don’t kill me!!!”

        “Wait! I ain’t...Um, he fled…”

        Po Jun tried to chase the fled customer, but he was nowhere to be seen already.

        “Ugh, again. I mean no harm at all. He was scared by my face just like Lian Zhan was…” The discouraged Po Jun returned to the house, but he felt someone dragging his pants suddenly——by a 7ish little girl.

        “Are you from the agency that helps people?” The girl continued while eating her thumb, “please find Kitty for me!”

        “Huh? Who’s Kitty?”

        “Kitty is my family. I grew up with him, but he has gone missing since the day before yesterday. I’m so worried about him...Boohoo…”

        “Alright alright, don’t cry. I’ll go search for him with you,” said Po Jun, trying to calm the sobbing girl down.

        “...Really?” The little girl grinned as she saw Po Jun nod as a dumb.

        Then the two of them started the searching of Kitty. They had been looked into the abandoned well, on the trees, under someone else’s stove and etc...Kitty was nowhere to be seen despite their thorough search in the town.

        Sun was going down; Po Jun knew the little one was exhausted because her eyelids were getting heavy. “It’s getting late. Let’s call it a day and we’ll continue the search tomorrow,” said Po Jun.

        “No! Kitty was easily startled. He won’t be able to sleep on his own! And he might be bitten by big doggo!”

        “Big doggo?...That explains everything. Places we searched were all somewhere a small animal would go. So Kitty is——” Po Jun thought.

        “Baby!” A worried shout sounded from behind. Next second, a woman rushed over trying to pull the little girl over, but she hid behind Po Jun.

        This was the moment when the woman finally had a clear image of Po Jun, and was startled like everyone else. Still, she plucked up the courage and looked him in the eyes.

        “Who are you? Why are you with my daughter?”

        “D-don’t get me wrong,” said Po Jun, indicating his innocence. “I took the order from your daughter and searched for Kitty.”

        “Kitty…” The woman turned blue and said, “you can never find him…”

        “What?” Po Jun was puzzled; the woman figured his confusion and said, “come with me and you’ll know why.”

        She took him to a wooden cabin. There was a wooden box placed on a table. Inside of which, a white cat laid with his eyes shut. He seemed asleep, but Po Jun knew clear that he was gone.

        “This is Kitty. He has been our family for over a decade. And he never woke up since he slept last night.”

        “He’s not Kitty! Kitty moves!” The little girl became emotional when she heard what her mom said, and the woman shook her head in grief.

        Yet Po Jun had a thought when he noticed the tears welling up in the little girl’s eyes, “she knows it. She just refuses to accept the fact, but she can’t keep thinking like that.”

        “I know it’s painful, but you can’t run away from it. If you keep thinking like that, Kitty will be sad. Do you wanna make him sad?” Po Jun told the little girl, pressing on her shoulders.

        The weeping little girl shook her head and said, “sir...Is Kitty really leaving for good…”

        “Yes. We can’t bring him back, but we can honour him. Let’s hold a funeral.”

        Po Jun held her hand and brought her to a tree. As they buried Kitty, the little girl finally accepted the fact that he was gone. After crying hard, she fell asleep in her mother’s embrace.

        “The stronger the bonding is, the harder they suffer in farewell. Yet humans can always heal themselves and move on…” The sentimental Po Jun had a thought when stroking the little girl’s hair gently.