Hideyoshi took a roast fish given by Nobunaga and wolfed it down immediately. “I thought a spoiled master like you won’t even know how to eat a fish. Look! You’re better than me, wonderful!” Nobunaga was surprised at him.
        “I-I love fish. That’s why I’m a skillful fish eater, hahaha!” Hideyoshi responded with a forced smile. He never expected that Nobunaga looked reckless but actually very sensitive. He had to find a way to take them down, so that he could achieve his wish.
        “I recall that there was a girl wailing in a cave. Maybe she is your sister.”
        “Really!? Where is she? Tell me!” Nobunaga asked as he grabbed Hideyoshi’s collar.
        “Cough...I’m choking. Just let go of me.”
        “Sorry...I’m too worried about Oishi.”
        “I forgive you.” Hideyoshi stood up and said, “I’ll show you the way.”
        The three of them packed up and set out. Hideyoshi relaxed a bit as he knew Nobunaga and Nohime at least would not harm him temporarily. “You’ll get your rewards when I’m out safe and sound. So, please protect me——” Hideyoshi felt elated as he fanned himself. “Shut up,” Nohime put a dagger close to his throat; Nobunaga immediately held her hand and said, “You really like pointing that horrible thing at people, don’t you? Just relax.” “Humph.” Nohime put her dagger back and jumped onto a tree. Frightened by her hostility, Hideyoshi dared not to act rashly. They came to the hidden cave close to the cliffs, where was shrouded in the darkness. The cold wind blew from the entrance. “You go first.” Nohime looked at Hideyoshi.
        “No...I’m afraid.” Hideyoshi shook his head and refused. He knew it was not just a cave, but a nest of vipers. Obviously, Nobunaga’s sister was not in there. It was a lie to lure them into the trap.
        “It’s my business. I’ll go inside.” Nobunaga found a branch and put rosin on it to make a torch. “I’m coming with you.” Nohime said after he advanced towards the cave. “Why? Are you worried about me?” “Yes.” Nobunaga was shocked, and his funny face made her smile. “Why are they still calm and trusting each other in the face of death?” Hideyoshi’s mind was shaken at this moment. He wanted to stop them, but eventually gave up this intention. Nobunaga and Nohime had entered the cave, but soon there were quick footsteps echoing inside.
        “Leave now!” Nobunaga shouted. There were a dozen of vipers chasing them. Hideyoshi immediately ran away, but he was too slow. Soon he was overtaken by Nobunaga and Nohime.
        “Darn it!” Hideyoshi was bitten by a viper. Its mouth would not open until he knocked its head with the golden fan. They finally got rid of the vipers in the forest. At this moment, Hideyoshi fell down, and his calf was bleeding in purple because of the venom.
        “What an ironic joke. I fell into my own trap. This ending does suit me.” Hideyoshi closed his eyes, waiting for his death. To his surprise, Nobunaga sucked the venom from his wound repeatedly. Finally, the blood had turned red.
        “Luckily, the bite is not deep. You're gonna be fine,” Nobunaga smiled as he tapped him on the shoulder. Hideyoshi was in confusion, because he never believed that the man who he tried to kill would actually save his life. Maybe this time Hideyoshi could...but he wiped that thought from his mind eventually.
        “I don't need any comrades. Humans are unpredictable, but golds are not. At least golds won't betray me, and they make me feel safe. However, If I continue like this, I’m afraid...I should end this friendship as soon as possible!”
        Hideyoshi made up his mind, and the golden paper fan on his hand had revealed a bizarre glitter.

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