A man rode his sword, flying to the northernmost shore. As he arrived, he walked to a boulder, picked up a piece of paper stuck to it and blew off the dust.
        “Finally, I got the piece, but I’m not sure about Li Tieguai…” Lü Dongbin murmured in an anxious voice. He tried to shake off the negative thought in his head.
        “All is well! Li is a weirdo, but he is strong in battle.”
        Suddenly, Lü Dongbin was shrouded in the darkness. Looking up at the sky, he saw a fire whirl swept in from the east. He drew his sword and injected Xian energy into it, which immediately became bigger and bigger, rising before his eyes.
        Clashed! As soon as the flames hit the sword, a violent shockwave was raised.
        “Ah! The piece!” Lü Dongbin underestimated the force of the shockwave and carelessly let go of the piece. It was blown away, hanging on a tree branch on the shore.
        “Nice move——I did not expect you could block the attack in time, Lü Dongbin.” A burly yet chic man Cao Guojiu landed from the sky, with his right hand holding a crimson board.
        “Cao Guojiu...Why are you here? I bet you’re not coming simply for testing my strength, right?”
        “Humph! You really loves mocking, don’t you...I know you want to get all the credit for finding those lost pieces. I won’t let you succeed. Since I’m your senior, I command you to hand the piece to me!”
        “I’m not sure what you’re——” Lü Dongbin sprinted towards the piece right away before he finished his words; Cao Guojiu waved his board to cast flames over Lü Dongbin.
        Just as the flames almost engulfed him, a young boy showed up and did a roundhouse kick with his metal leg. A blast of Xian energy had cut the flames into half, raising a cloud of dust on the shore, which made the visibility become blurred.
        “I won’t forgive anyone who hurts Lü Dongbin!” Li Tieguai warned in a serious voice as he crossed his arms over his chest.
        “Li!” Lü Dongbin was astonished by his coming.
        “Don’t worry, Dongbin. As long as I remove the seal on my leg, no one could stand in my way.”
        “But last time you said your leg was cursed. How come it became a seal?” Lü Dongbin frowned.
t “Really? I seem to have said so…” Li Tieguai shook his head. Then he patted on his chest and said, “Dongbin, just forget what I said about my leg, okay? My justice foot is unbeatable...By the way, where is the enemy? Is he gone?”
        “He is standing right in front of you, idiot!” Lü Dongbin pointed at Cao Guojiu, who was picking his ear.
        “Isn’t he Cao Guojiu? He is our friend.”
        “What kind of friend is he...He just attacked me!”
        “Oh, I got it! This Cao Guojiu is a demon in disguise——Wow!” A giant fireball flitted across his face——Lü Dongbin pushed Li Tieguai away in the nick of time. Otherwise, his face would have been burned like charcoal.
        “Are you done? I start getting impatient…” Cao Guojiu grinned with his eyes filled with bloodlust and kept approaching. “You cover me. I go get the piece, understand?” Lü Dongbin whispered to Li Tieguai.
        “Understood! Roar——!” Li Tieguai charged, turned his body and did a side kick at Cao Guojiu; his move was as smooth as water flow.
        “Humph!” Cao Guojiu crouched down, parried the kick with his board. However, the impact had made his right part of the body tingle. “This boy got a monstrous strength,” Cao Guojiu thought as he was covered in sweat.
        He knew he was no match for Li Tieguai in terms of strength. Therefore, he concentrated Xian energy on his left hand to conjure a small fireball. Then, he puffed more pneuma into it, which began to inflate and fly towards Li Tieguai.
        “Ahh! It’s hot!” Li Tieguai was hit. His clothes started combusting. He could not withstand the heat even with his monstrous strength. Rolling back and forth, Li Tieguai tried hard to put out the fire on him. As Cao Guojiu let out a gasp of relief, he heard the scream of Lü Dongbin suddenly.
        He turned around and saw Lü Dongbin fall into the sand. At the same time, there was a fat man standing on a giant fan floating in the air. The man wore a big smile when he grabbed the piece.
        “He is...Zhongli Quan! That cunning bastard tries to take the credit away from me. I won’t tolerate that!” Cao Guojiu flew into a fury and dashed towards Zhongli Quan; he conjured a fireball on his right hand and threw it with lightning speed.
        “Ah!” Zhongli Quan did not see this coming and fell from the fan, with his mouth full of sand. Looking embarrassed, he saw Cao Guojiu and roared, “how dare you attack me!”
        “Because you want to steal my credit. Give the piece back to me!”
        “Never! I got it on my own!”
        “If I’m not here to buy you time, you definitely can’t stop Lü Dongbin with your snail's speed!”
        “You——” Zhongli Quan was completely tongue-tied with rage, stamped his feet and fanned himself. Watching such situation, Lü Dongbin could not help but shake his head.
        “They start quarrelling again...”

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