Attribute relation applies to attacks from the enemy
Each team member that is of the weakness attribute of the enemy, will increases the enemies' attack with 40% to the max +200%
His & Her Bonds
Name Attribute Stamina Rounds Exp
Odin’s Invitation SI017SI020 15 4 1125
Stiff Mind SI016SI017 15 5 1125
Luminous Flower and Brightened Heart SI019 15 4 1125
Frigg’s Lamentation SI017 25 5 2500
Void of the Realm StagesAge of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
Special Stages

First time clearance is rewarded with Diamond x1

Odin’s Invitation

Stamina 15 Battle 4 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
099i Flaming Slime


3 828,752 1660
109i Crimson Werewolf


2 786,022 1590
4 Waveskill: Ws1007 1 Hellfire Rune
4 1125i Evil Dragon of Ancient Scale


1(1) 8,932,540 14280 No SI124SI158SI188 Uncontrollable · 3 Rounds Attack -90% · Trojan Attack

【Enter Battle】
Odin led the Aesirians in fighting off the demons and achieved an overwhelming but heartbreaking victory.
That night, Thor received the good news from the Vanirian frontline that the demons had retreated and a personal letter from Freyr, who had decided to renounce his throne. Thor went to visit Odin with the letter.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: I never imagined Freyr would give up... Well, that means you're becoming the uncontested top of the North. You deserve it without a shadow of doubt!
509iThor of Fulmination: No, Odin. The last battle showed me the truth. The leader of the Northern Union will be you. Summoner, am I right?
Void Summoner Head : Yes. Thor is incredibly strong, of course, but a leader should see beyond blind power and possess a determined mind. Odin is the one.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: But I...if you all believe in me, I'll try. I'd protect the North with my life!
Void Summoner Head : 'Huh? My body is becoming more opaque... It is because Odin is uniting the North, as history should be?'

【Meet BOSS】
1125iEvil Dragon of Ancient Scale: Roar! There is no escape!

【Defeated BOSS】
The North united and formed Northern Alliance. Odin became the leader and hoped more tribes would join them to gather military strength, which was necessary in the upcoming war to wipe out the demon race.
After months of working overnight, Odin finally finished all the work related to establishing the alliance.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Brother, our alliance worked out thanks to you. Now you go as far as to deal with the paperwork for me. I owe you a favour. Hm... How about dinner at my house? I promise Frigg's cooking will make your jaw drop!
Void Summoner Head : Really? I must give it a try then!

Stiff Mind

Stamina 15 Battle 5 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
097i Aqueous Slime


3 836,438 1620
099i Flaming Slime


3 828,752 1660
107i Azure Werewolf


2 804,193 1430
109i Crimson Werewolf


2 786,022 1590
3 744i Gleaming Cyan Carp


1(4) 200,000 2500 No SI250 50 Cumulative Shield EX
5 672i Pumpkin Trio


1(4) 5,000,000 6000 No SI158 Water Intimidation 

【Enter Battle】
The Summoner accepted Odin's invitation and went to his place. The fragrance of food hit the Summoner's nose the moment he stepped in. Footsteps came from the corridor. It was Frigg coming to greet him.
1562iFrigg: Welcome. Dinner is ready. Come on in.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'We haven't met in a while... Frigg looks a bit thinner...'
1562iFrigg: Odin said a guest would be dining with us tonight. I did not know what you fancied for dinner, so I made a variety of dishes. Help yourself...
Void Summoner Head : 'I-it's too much...
Void Summoner Head : 'It's enough to serve 10 people, but there are only three of us. Judging from Frigg's figure, I doubt she eats much... This is going to be tough on my stomach...'
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Summoner don't waste food. It is from our Northern people who grew them with passion and sweat.

【Enter Wave 3】
Void Summoner Head : Ugh... I-I'm so full!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: No way. You need to eat more to grow some muscle!
744iGleaming Cyan Carp: Drinking water aids digestion.

【Meet BOSS】
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Just a bit more left. Cheer up!
Void Summoner Head : 'I'd rather fight the evilest monsters than this...'
672iPumpkin Trio: Are you full already? You've got to eat more to defeat me!

【BOSS - Pumpkin Trio defeated】
672iStardust Spirit: You've finished all the dishes. I love people who treasure food. Here, take it.

【BOSS - Pumpkin Trio retreated】
672iPumpkin Trio: I don't reward those who waste food.

【After Battle】
Odin and the Summoner burnt their souls out to finish every dish on the table. The Summoner held his swollen stomach while panting. Odin ate no less than him, but he still seemed unsatisfied.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Sigh... I'm going to visit some tribes to lobby for the alliance. I won't be able to taste your food for a long time. It's the saddest thing ever.
1562iFrigg: Odin... Can you not go? It's going to be dangerous. You don't have to do it in person. Just send Loki and Tyr.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Frigg, was that an insult?
1562iFrigg: No, it wasn't!
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: You're not acting like you. You've never tried to stop me from doing anything. Nothing can hold me back, and you know more than I do.
1562iFrigg: ...I'm sorry. It's my fault. Now would you excuse me.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Frigg, wait! She's gone... Did I do something wrong?
Void Summoner Head : Of course you did. She was just worrying about you and you blamed her for that. How inconsiderate! What are you still doing here? Go get her!

VRAchievement Defeat Pumpkin Trio 1 times to reward

Luminous Flower and Brightened Heart

Stamina 15 Battle 4 Exp 1125 (75 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
103i Angel Slime


3 839,511 1630
113i Ivory Werewolf


2 813,624 1480
1529i Shiny Helmet Gnome


3 578,936 2560
4 1534i Sheeny Antonia


1(1) 7,543,690 4060 No SI254SI014SI116 Enchanted Shield ‧ Random Conversion - Light ‧ Light Combo Trojan & Team Damage -100%

【Enter Battle】
Frigg went away, saddened by Odin's gaffe. Hurried by the Summoner, Odin realized what he had done wrong. He chased Frigg to an arbour, and noticed tears spilling down her face.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'Sigh... I've made her cry. She never cried even faced with the toughest times, and now... I've got to apologise!'
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: 'But an apology without a gift seems weak... Oh! I remember there are some luminous flowers around here. She always wanted to find one. She'd be happy if I got one for her.'

【Defeated BOSS】
1534iSheeny Antonia: Sob-sob. I didn't know the flower was a gift for your wife. You can have it.
Odin searched along the cliff. Soon, he found a twinkling luminous flower and picked it. He had intended to sneak up on Frigg, but she noticed before he could and turned around.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Ugh... You got me.
1562iFrigg: It's hard to ignore the clanking of your armour tapping on the ground... Where's our guest? Where are our manners if we leave him alone?
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: He asked me to come... I'm sorry for what I said... Here's a token of my apology.
1562iFrigg: This is...a luminous flower. It's beautiful. Thank you...but you were right. I knew you'd become 'Odin of the North' since the beginning.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Frigg... My body might belong to the North, but my soul is yours. When my flesh dies, my soul will follow you forever.
1562iFrigg: Odin...
Void Summoner Head : Ahem. I'm glad you guys have worked it out. I guess it's about time for me to leave.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: It's getting dark. Why don't you stay the night?

Frigg’s Lamentation

Stamina 25 Battle 5 Exp 2500 (100 / Stm)
Wave Monster Attack CD HP Defence Loot Note
079i Blazing Lizard Warrior


4 941,588 2190
487i The Pawn of Fire


2 709,150 1240
1527i Fiery Helmet Gnome


3 549,826 2580
1104i Flame of Annihilation - Abadon


1(1) 9,306,540 18420 No SI229 X Burn 10%
1104i Flame of Annihilation - Abadon


1 17,680,460 18420 No SI337SI188 Fire Lock - Team Attack -20% · Trojan EX

【Enter Battle】
Odin invited the Summoner to stay overnight. It might have been the unfamiliar bed, but the Summoner woke up at midnight. He gave up on sleep and strolled to the garden.
In the garden, he heard some rustling from the trees and saw a familiar shadow flick to the tunnel.
Void Summoner Head : 'Is that...Frigg? Why is she going uphill this late? There are many monsters in the mountains and she knows nothing about combat... It's worrying. I must protect her.
Void Summoner Head : 'Weird. It's the territory of the Northern Alliance. Why are there so many demons? Anyhow, I've got to get to her quick before anything happens to her!'

【BOSS - first HP bar halved】
1104iFlame of Annihilation - Abadon: A delicious human just escaped from me. This time I'll satiate my hunger!

【Defeated BOSS】
1104iFlame of Annihilation - Abadon: Dang it! I could've brought you to Beelzebub...
The Summoner ran along the mountain road and defeated the demons on the way with the heroic spirits. Finally, he reached the peak and found Frigg, who was staring at the galaxy with her fingers crossed.
The galaxy was glowing like a silvery dragon flying in the dark.
1562iFrigg: A clear starry night rarely happens. I came here for the good view. It's worth the walk. Look at the spectacular galaxy... Why are you frowning?
1562iFrigg: You worry about me. Relax. I grew up in the North. There's a secret path that's free of demons.
Void Summoner Head : But...I can't. What if you get hurt? That'd break Odin's heart.
1310iOdin the Fated Savior of All: Odin... Losing me might break his heart, but he'd still continue to protect the North. That's who he is. I might as well disappear for good...
Void Summoner Head : No! Odin needs you! It's your support that keeps him moving forward!
1562iFrigg: Sigh, sorry... Odin becoming the leader of the Northern Alliance has been worrying me.
1562iFrigg: My emotions were boiling over... I acted like another person... I think I just need some time. Can you keep this conversation a secret from Odin? I don't want to cause trouble for him.
Void Summoner Head : '...She looks troubled. Is she worrying about Odin...? No, it's not that simple. What's she pondering exactly?'

VRAchievement Complete Frigg’s Lamentation 1 times

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