“Komatsuhime——!” Honda, a burly man, yelled as he stared at the surroundings. The deafening shout echoed through the cliffs, where he was totally unfamiliar with. It was a cloudy day filled with gloominess.
        “Is it...the place he was talking about?” Honda was confused, and still could not believe all these happenings. Sitting cross-legged, he had a smoke to make him calm down a bit.
        “Sigh! My daughter is in danger, but I still have no clue to her whereabouts. What should I do?” Honda pondered and stroked his beard.
        Suddenly, a strange noise interrupted Honda’s thinking. He listened carefully and stayed alert to the surroundings. A deafening noise came; Honda was shrouded in shadows, which blocked all the sunlight. There were huge rocks rolling down the cliff towards his direction with great speed. Honda had no time to escape.
        “I cannot die here! I must find Komatsuhime, and meet “her” again!” Honda’s heart reflected a strong desire. A dazzling light was emitted. He raised his right arm and packed a punch to the rock——Bang! The ear-splitting noise echoed through the surroundings as the rock was shattered. Standing on the crushed stone, Honda found that his right arm was covered by metal, as if a hard and solid gauntlet, which gave out countless sparks.
        “My right arm...has turned into a weapon? Anyway, forget it! It’s my lucky day. With this gauntlet, I can defeat all the enemies, hahaha!! Awesome!” Honda laughed, and accepted such bizarre change. After a while, he continued to find his daughter in the forest. He had encountered some mad men and elves on the way, but all were killed with his metal arm. Finally, Honda walked through the woods and arrived at the plains close to a town.
        “Keep away from here!” Honda heard someone’s warning, who was a decent young man.
        “There are landmines underneath the ground. You’ll probably be dead if you step on it. Look! That man was just killed by an explosion.” Tokugawa pointed at a mad man’s body nearby.
        “Then how do you get inside?” “I was already here when I woke up, wow——!” The previous explosion had drawn other mad men’s attention; Tokugawa was immediately surrounded by them! Facing such dangerous situation, Honda ignored the landmines and charged at the mad men in no time.
        He dodged the explosions with his speed, but was still injured by the shockwave. Honda did not slow down, raised his right arm and swept across the mad men surrounding Tokugawa. However, more and more of them were coming from town. He immediately carried six-foot tall Tokugawa on the shoulders and managed to hop over the landmines again.
        The swaying scenery had made Tokugawa feel dizzy; the tingling tinnitus echoed in his ears due to the explosions. Fortunately, before he passed out, Honda successfully saved Tokugawa’s life and brought him back to the woods.
        “Sorry, I have no choice but to carry you on the shoulders. Do you feel better now?”
        “Yes, but it seems your situation is even worse than me.”
        Honda’s body was full of scratches and scars, but he simply felt nothing. “I’m good! I have nothing but toughness, and I cannot die, not for now. Someone is waiting for me.” Honda patted his chest and smiled.

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