Honda and Tokugawa headed towards the bamboo forest, but they were ambushed. Tokugawa was shot by a poisonous arrow when protecting Honda. Then, Honda immediately chased the assassin in fury. However, he could not clearly see the face of the assassin judging from the clothing from behind, but he could tell that person was a man.
        “Hey! Stop right there!” The man clearly did not listened. However, Honda was faster than him, and soon would catch him up. Both of them came to the wetlands. The man jumped to the ground; Honda dashed towards and shook his right fist at him, but the punch only hit the ground. The man dodged the attack by turning a somersault and then jumped on to a tree, gasping for breath.
        “Don’t move.” Honda stopped when he saw the man take out a medicine bottle. “This is an antidote. If your friend does not take it within a half hour, he will die.”
        “You——why?” Honda asked in an angry voice. He dared not to act rashly.
        “You know better than me. It’s my mistake. Consider it as a gift for you.” The man threw the antidote into the mud and fled. Honda rushed into the mud without any hesitation and his body was immediately engulfed by it. Seeing the sinking medicine bottle, Honda was restless, howling like a beast. He kept punching and splashing the mud with his gauntlet, and found the bottle in the air covered with dirt. He got the right timing and caught it successfully.
        “Bro, wait for me. I’m coming!” Honda took the antidote and ran back to Tokugawa.
        After drinking the medicine, Tokugawa finally restored his consciousness, but his body was still weak, so Honda decided to make a shelter for him to rest. He pulled up a tree bare-handed and built a cabin for Tokugawa, then tried to find some food to help him recover. Honda couched down in the woods, and gently pushed aside the one-meter high silvergrass. Repeating several times, he finally found animal footprints. Honda held his breath, hiding in the grass. Before long, he heard some noises on the right hand side. A fierce brown bear, taller than Honda, showed up! The bear roared and gritted, preparing to pounce on him. However, Honda showed no fear, raising his gauntlet with a victorious smile.
        “Bring it on!” The bear pounced on Honda with speed; he dodged it perfectly, and threw an uppercut with his metal arm——hitting right in the chin of it. The bear rolled its eyes and gradually fell down. Honda carried his trophy on the shoulders back to the cabin, cut its gall and roasted the meat for Tokugawa. Afterwards, he finally healed over. They continued to head east until they
encountered a magical barrier on a hill.
        Honda hit the barrier fiercely with his gauntlet, but the attack had no effect on it, not even a scratch. “I’ve seen it in an ancient scroll. The barrier is called “Kekkai”, which blocks people from getting out. Melee attacks are useless to it.”
        “Tut, a troublesome trick! No worries, bro. I’ll find a way to send you out.”
        After several trials, they still could not break through the Kekkai. At Tokugawa’s suggestion, they came to the other strange forest.
        “Father, where are you? Save me please!”
        “Komatsuhime!” Honda heard a familiar voice of a girl suddenly.
        “What’s the matter?”
        “I heard Komatsuhime’s calling for help...I have to save her!”
        Honda looked around and saw a vague torch light afar, then headed towards the direction without waiting for Tokugawa. Soon he arrived and there was a group of elves surrounding a tree. He saw a pink sachet soaking in a pool of blood, embroidered with a name——“Komatsuhime”.
        “...You killed my daughter! I’ll never forgive you!” Honda’s face turned into deep shade of red. The veins on his forehead seemed ready to pop; his gauntlet, echoing with his anger, was engulfing Honda’s right half body. The grin wearing on his face had revealed the madness of devastation.
        “Bring it on. I’ll make you feel regretful about what you’ve done!”

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