“My name is Honor.” The boy knelt before the maiden. “I shall become the next Dragon Follower.”

        “Can you just give up on this tradition?” The demi-dragon maiden lied on the table lazily. “Look at me. I don’t even feel sad about being trapped anymore.”

        “No, I can’t.” said the boy firmly. “You are our guiding light. I can never give up on you!”

        “Oh really? But you look nothing different from those kids in the past.”

        He walked to the maiden. “No, I’m different!” he said confidently. She raised her head to look at him, her eyes dim due to her sleepiness. “Still wanna fight? Have you forgotten why your legs are fettered?”

        “I have never forgotten it.” He raised the Sword of Dracospirits. “I was born to cut off the bindings!”

        Honor slashed down his sword and broke the chains binding the dragon-winged maiden.

        Honor was the sixth Dragon Follower. People in Holylight City had no idea about what they had created. The Sword of Dracospirits stored up the power of the souls of Dragon Spiritors. Whenever a spiritor died on the battlefield, their soul would be absorbed. The guards were not aware of it. They would just find a new child to relay the power. Every Holy Dragon Follower could sense the imprisoned demi-dragon maiden, who always reminded the Followers that they were controlled by the Sacred Knights. The Sword of Dracospirits had been accumulating its power. When the Fifth Dragon Follower inherited the sword, he tried to break free from the control of the scholars in the city. He was shackled afterwards. Later, after the Dragon Follower was killed during a battle against Demons, the scholars then chose Honor to inherit the power of the sword. This time, no one could stop the sword and the Dragon Follower from escaping. Honor carried the demi-dragon maiden as he broke through the guards of the city. Then he spanned his silvery wings and flew across the wall of Holylight City, beginning his journey in search of companions.

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