“Your Highness, please be alright…”

        Serket jumped into the river to search for Narmer after the ship explosion. Tons of woodchips sinked into the water when the hull was broken into half, and hindered her rescue.

        There were still no signs of Narmer after Serket’s searching through the stream nearby. Right when she was exchanging air and ready to dive again , a wisp of smoke on an islet not far away caught her attention.

        “A deserted island with a puff of smoke...Maybe Narmer is there? Just gotta take a shot in the dark.”

        Serket swam to the shore of the island. There was a died-out bonfire on the beach. Serket took a closer look and found a familiar mark - a triangle made by dry sticks. It was a secret code from Narmer.

        “Great, Prince Narmer is definitely on this island! Burning ashes...It means he just took off not long ago.”

        Serket closed her eyes to focus on listening. There were bird chirps, insect buzz… and quick footsteps.

        “Over there!”

        Serket ran towards the footsteps through the beach into the woods. Footprints and bloodstains were found along the trail.

        “This is Prince Narmer’s footprints. But the others… Oh no. The assassins got one step ahead!”

        The panicked Serket speeded up in searching for Narmer. “Boom!” A crashing sound suddenly came from straight ahead. She rush to the sound and found the wounded Narmer lying on the ground with a stranger girl. They were surrounded by a few armed assassins.

        Serket drew her scimitar, sprinted towards and tried to fight off the enemies. But the assassins read her moves and dodged all the attacks easily.

        She had to stay close to Narmer to protect him, keeping her attention to the enemies closely. “I’m sorry for taking so much time to find you. My negligence has put you in such great danger.” she asked him.

        “Took you long enough.” Narmer said. Serket sensed a difference in his attitude. Turning around, she saw a courageous look on Narmer. It was the kind of persistence that a king should have.

        The assassins took the advantage to strike while Serket slipped her mind. As she had already taken a few hits during the ambush, she knew that she wouldn’t be holding on so long.

        “Gotta take a leap of faith!” Serket parried the attacks and threw her scimitar at the assassins.

        The assassins dodged the attack without a hitch. They were about to mock at Serket’s dumb move, but she was actually taking an advantage by cutting off vines. She pressed Narmer and the girl down to the ground. “Bang!” Something knocked the assassins few feets away.

        After taking down the enemies, she brought Narmer and the girl to a safe place for healing.

        “Your Highness, the arrow is removed. But we don’t have enough medicine to treat the wounds properly. Plus, there is probably next wave of attack. For the sake of your safety, may I escort you back to the kingdom?”

        “No need. I’m not going back——”

        Serket thought that Narmer was trying to running away from responsibility again. “Your Highness, for the sake of the kingdom, please behave like an heir should be and stop thinking about going anywhere. You’re in danger!” she interrupted him.

        Her raised voice had woken up Horus, who thought Serket was going to hurt Narmer. Horus ignored her wounds and bit Serket’s arm..

        “——Your Highness...who is this girl?” Serket pushed her away; Horus kept staring at her while guarding right next to Narmer.

        “She is a silly girl living on this island.” Narmer replied. Horus shook her head to deny being called a silly girl. Narmer petted her head gently to calm her down. “Serket, you got the wrong idea. I’m not escaping anymore...Clearly, someone wants me dead...and Sobek could be the next target. I need you to take me to her now.”

        Serket’s instinct from earlier was true. The vibe of Narmer spoke his determination. His vibe was so diligent and persistent, just like a king. .

        “Is it...because of her?” Serket glanced at Horus. “Understood, Your Highness.” she answered in respect and took a bow.

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