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        The first Y’golonac was born out of the gaze of Azathoth, the destroyer.

        This happened during Azathoth’s first destruction. Irritated by the overflowing urge, Azathoth opened its crimson eyes, releasing devastating power strong enough to shake the whole dimension with its deadliest gaze. And such excessive energy had given birth to the first Y’golonac.

        As a by-product, Y’golonac was very fragile, drifting across the vast universe in the form of headless flesh. But along with Azathoth’s frequent destruction, Y’golonac started cloning more and more. And they were like answering the call, all heading towards the main Y’golonac right away.

        The newborn gradually grew mature, which learnt to recognize the self existence and perceived its inner potential.

        Y’golonac followed Azathoth instinctively. For now its main body had already become colossal as a planet. So it decided to split.

        The separated self found Azathoth by tracking its trail, thereby became one of its followers. Y’golonac could split into countless clones in search of Daoloth.

        Soon, a clone successfully arrived at the land of life created by Daoloth; then Azathoth took the lead to destroy the place with its followers. Not even Daoloth could stop the doom. Without a choice, Daoloth evacuated this broken land and started it all over again in another place. Such situation kept on and on, like a vicious circle.

        Y’golonac felt less and less joy in destruction; moroseness had been accumulating in its mind with no reason. The only thing it could do was to vent its anger through destruction, but Y’golonac soon got the answer.

        The answer came from a low creature named Mordiggian.

        Y’golonac was searching for a new land of life once again in the infinite universe. This time it came to the realm. As soon as it arrived, Y’golonac was fascinated by the beauty of this place, with great excitement.

        “Oh, how wonderful it would be to destroy this beauty.”

        While wandering around the realm, an evil figure eyed with hostility hiding in a dark place. That creature crept from behind, opened it bloody mouth and pounced on Y’golonac——

        Another headless flesh grew from the back of Y’golonac, and bit the creeper Mordiggian in the neck with sharp teeth. Mordiggian retreated immediately after getting hit. With Mordiggian’s solid skin, the bite still left a scratch on its neck. Such a level of toughness amazed Y’golonac.

        “You filthy thing dares to defy me...What are you? How come a low creature like you have such a great will.”

        “I’m Mordiggian, and soon I’m gonna replace Azathoth as a destroyer!”

        Its words had made Y’golonac tremeble, who let out a sneer of sarcasm. “You can’t even defeat me. How delusional of you to be the supreme of all? What a joke.”

        “...As long as I devour you, I can transcend you!” Mordiggian raised its slimy body, squirming up to a tree with countless centipede-like arms; then it jumped onto Y’golonac in the air.

        Not to be outdone, Y’golonac triggered power to change its form and dodged the attack. Mordiggian kept on the pressure by unleashing numerous strikes, but to no avail.

        “Wheeze...You hateful being...I need to pull you all down!”

        “Only if you can.” Y’golonac wore a grin and prepared for striking back. It stepped back to another tree; the impatient Mordiggian caught up to shorten their distance.

        “It’s time.” Y’golonac used its power to regenerate and bulge its body as tall as the tree to engulf Mordiggian.

        “You fool...Hmm? hurts———!”

        Mordiggian, who had already been gulped, was resisting in Y’golonac’s stomach; it began to eat Y’golonac up from the inside.

        “Hahaha! I will devour you bit by bit, tear your flesh apart, eat all your gut and suck up your brain! All, all of them!”

        Mordiggian said the words out like reading a holy verse, swallowing the helpless Y’golonac slowly. As it was done, Mordiggian, stained with the slimy liquid, stood proudly in the center of the woods.

        While it was shaking off the liquid, Mordiggian ruminated, spewing something not able to digest in its stomach. It was a piece of flesh, which started to move, crying like a baby. “You destroyed me...Hahaha! Interesting! Right. All I’ve been longing for is the sensation of this extreme destruction.”

        Mordiggian looked at the dregs like meat, wearing a smile. “I know what you want. You wish to break that balance.”

        “Daoloth creates; and Azathoth destroys. You want to break this forever truth, aren’t you? I know everything about you.”

        “I want to break the truth...everything…” Y’golonac jiggled furiously, screaming out loud. “HAHAHAHA! YES! I just need pure destruction, making an impossible annihilation possible!”

        Hearing what Mordiggian said, Y’golonac found its true desire. Then they began to initiate an evil scheme to break the fate of the universe together.