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        With the help of a friend, Ootengu, together with Yuki-onna, was finally able to flee from the other Tengus. They began a journey into the unknown. They traveled to a lot of places; moving along at night, their destinations ranged from the youkai-filled Orient to the boisterous Human cities. Although these were all new to Ootengu, being filled with reminiscence of his hometown, he was unable to enjoy the sceneries.

        Even so, Ootengu did not regret eloping with Yuki-onna. He had already known that a choice between Yuki-onna and his clan was necessary. Ootengu had originally thought he shall not seen his clan ever again, yet the linkage in blood was stronger than he could imagine...

        One day, while Ootengu and Yuki-onna were taking a break in a secluded ancient temple, they met a long-lost friend of Ootengu; he was severely injured!

        “Hang in there! Tell me what happened!”

        “It’s you... Thought I won’t be seeing you ever again..."

        “Now is not the time to talk about this! Who hurt you?”

        “A group of ascetics... they knew about us... They attacked and captured our brethren, and forced us to tell them our clan’s location... I managed to escaped but... I need to go back... or else, everyone will...!”

        Ootengu’s friend tried to get up, but he was too weak to do so, and collapsed onto the ground; upon seeing his friend’s injury, rage arose in Ootengu, prompting his decision to go back and rescue his clan.

        “Stay here. I will come back once I have dealt with the ascetics.” Ootengu did not want to get Yuki-onna involved, nor did he wish to remind her of her past agony, so he asked her to stay. Yet, Yuki-onna refused; no matter what happened, she only wanted to stay with Ootengu. Unable to change Yuki-onna’s mind, Ootengu could only acquiesce.

        As soon as they arrived, they saw Tengus battling the ascetics. The return of Ootengu boosted up the Tengus’ morale and reignited their hope. It was not until he asked his companions did he learn that many others were captured by the ascetics during the commotion. Ootengu sank into deep thoughts: he could neither leave the Tengus here in the fierce battle, nor could he abandon his captured companions. If he did not hasten to their aid, they would...

        “Leave it to me! I will rescue them.” Yuki-onna insisted upon rescuing the captured Tengus. Unable to think of an alternative, Ootengu agreed, “Alright, I will leave it to you. Please be careful.”

        Rage arose in Ootengu as he looked at the destroyed buildings and his injured companions. He channeled more pneuma than he had ever done before, and brought forth several tornadoes, spiraling into the ascetics. Ootengu watched as the tornadoes swept them into the skies mercilessly — the ascetics had committed an unforgivable crime, and nothing but death could alleviate their sins...