Pinkie stumbled to class, slowly taking each step up the stairs with her artificial limb. One of her classmates approached to help: “Be careful, let me help you.” Pinkie didn’t say a word and glared at her classmate. The classmate ignored her repugnance and walked her all the way through the passage to the classroom.

        Entering the classroom, Pinkie noticed all the front seats were already taken. Just when she planned to sit in the back, a boy immediately stood up and gave Pinkie his seat while he walked to the back of the classroom. Pinkie didn’t intend to take on the kind offer, but the whole class, even the teacher, fixated their eyes on her, waiting for her to sit down before starting class. Pinkie had no choice but to take the seat. She felt sick. After being equipped with an artificial limb, she received a lot of attention and help from others, but all she wanted was to be normal.

        She was so sick of her friends and family helping her that she distanced herself from them, thinking they would never be able to understand her feelings. One day, during a visit to the lab, she met Midgley, who dedicated all his time to searching the Ancient Dragon Power. Midgley kept gazing at Pinkie’s limbs. Pinkie was already used to that. While Pinkie thought of which way Midgley would comfort her, surprisingly, Midgley asked, “Would you assist in my project?”

        “Eh? What?” Pinkie thought that she heard wrong, so she asked again.

        “You can hear, right?” Midgley was impatient. Since the accident, it has been a long time since Pinkie was needed by others. She happily nodded. Since then, Pinkie became Midgley’s research assistant, but he often ordered her to carry out jobs that were beyond the capabilities of ordinary people—such as carrying heavy goods. However, in order to finish her tasks, Pinkie modified her artificial limb by filling it with water. The water generated heat from the components, emitting steam to strengthen her force.

        After Pinkie modified her limb, she could carry goods of any weight whenever she wanted. After that, Midgley gave Pinkie extra tasks such as mixing explosive materials. He never seemed to care about her, even when explosions occurred. Bystanders might think that Midgley is taking advantage of Pinkie, but in Pinkie’s perspective, Midgley was the only one out of society who appreciated her uniqueness and accepted her.

        Therefore, she deeply fell in love with Midgley. Although he ordered her to take on painful and possibly fatal tasks, she accepted and accomplished all of them. Midgley began to lock himself in a secret room while he researched. The room was sometimes quiet; whereas other times it was filled with Midgley’s laughter. Pinkie stood by at all times, waiting for Midgley’s orders.

        Waiting alone was never easy, but it didn’t stop Pinkie’s determination. Instead, she looked even more forward to sharing Midgley’s research to the world. In the end, the door opened, Midgley came out with a purple liquid. Pinkie approached him and asked: “What’s this…?” Midgley fixed his eyes on the strange liquid and murmured: “Now the only thing I need is to test it and then I’ll be able to announce my successful experiment…” He gestured Pinkie to sit down and then poured the purple liquid into her metal limb…

        “Now move to see how it feels.” Acting according to Midgley’s command, Pinkie stood up and moved her limbs, only to find her limbs became agile and felt power flooding through her limbs. She punched the ground, which immediately broke the floor with a wide crack; she then lifted a shelf full of books with ease and carried it to the other side of the room.

        As both of them thought the experiment was successful, purple light emitted from Pinkie’s limb! A series of explosions broke the silence! After all the fire went out and all the explosions died down, Midgley carefully stood up and walked up to Pinkie. Pinkie’s limbs were badly injured. Blood seeped her wounds and her face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

        Midgley stood beside Pinkie and said: “Shit! My experiment failed...the Ancient Dragon Power is more forceful than I thought. I need to conduct more research to master it. Pinkie watched Midgley, fixating her eyes on his back, until he locked himself in the room again. Her vision gradually blurred and her conscious was forever engulfed in darkness...

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