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        Idun had finished packing. She had to use two strong ropes to tie up all the luggage. While Loki went to fetch the donkey, Idun asked her companion, “Angrboda, how come you never give up?”

        A gentle female voice pretending to be an elderly answered, “When one is devoting oneself to others, one is always noble.” The bright lady continued with her bright laughters, “You don’t want to be attacked by Demons either, do you? Besides...” Climbing onto the donkey carriage, she said, “At least for now, nothing else deserves our devotion.”

        “There’s no way you will say that after you’re married…” Idun murmured, yet her words still reached the sharp-eared woman.

        “I certainly will!” She reached out her hand to Idun,“I couldn’t have gone this far without your help. Besides, you are always my family, aren’t you?”
        Idun timidly grabbed the woman’s hand. Angrboda’s hand was so large that it almost completely wrapped Idun’s hand. The woman pulled Idun onto the carriage.

        “If you still can’t find it this time, just give up. You’re someone’s betrothed.”

        She pulled Idun close and gave her a big hug: “Thank you, Idun.”

        However, they were attacked on the journey by Demons in the rotten woods. Angrboda was cursed during the battle. Loki, her betrothed, took her back for treatment, while Idun inherited Angrboda’s research, seeking the power of the Divine Tree to heal her companion.

        In the past, the orphaned Idun had been learning after Angrboda. The two sought ancient power together, hoping to protect their clanspeople from war. They had been traveling, until her companion was wounded and had to stay behind. Idun, who had grown at the time, continued the journey alone. With the data they had collected from their research, Idun finally found the golden apple from the Divine Tree. However, by the time she returned, the war between Gods and Demons had already spread to their clan. Angrboda and Loki were nowhere to be found.

        Idun saved her clansmen by healing their wounds and injuries with the help of the golden apple. Later, Idun reunited with Loki, but he brought her the distressing news: Angrboda had died in the war; their daughter was suffering from the same curse as her mother, and would lose her life any moment. Persuaded by Loki, Idun used herself as a medium to conduct the power of the golden apple into the girl. The force of life awakened the girl, yet the triggered golden apple turned Idun back into a child. Idun had to extract the power from herself to prevent being overwhelmed by the force of eternal life. She conducted her power into numerous fruits, sharing them with the commanders, which enabled the warriors to protect their people forever.

        “‘Immortal servants plow the lands’. That’s our responsibility.” Idun said with a smile.