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        Sitting on the fractured stone windowsill, Idun was swinging her bare legs in the air. “I never know that it’s so high up here...” When she tried to bend to look farther, a pair of huge paws grabbed her back into the Tower.

        “Let go of me! I’m not going to jump!”

        The giant white bear carried Idun through the maze in Enochian Tower until they were right in front of Odin’s seal. The Valkyries had already subdued the insane Odin, and were about to guard Idun to the Dragon of Poison.

t “Do you still remember me, Odin?” As the Seal gradually swallowed Odin, Idun asked him.

        ‘I am the sacrificial offering —’ The remaining consciousness of Odin replied impassively.

        “Yes, you and I both are sacrifices for this world.”

        Idun used to believe that some memories would never fade. Yet when the hourglass of memory was brimmed over and broken from the within, all memories blended. The tangled signs from different times scattered in her prolonged life. Every time Idun tried to recall the past, she ended up getting confused. She could not even order the events in the past with reference to her age... However, whenever she reached Enochian Tower, various scenes in the past would flash back. She did not forget everything, but the pieces of her memory continued to fade — only the Gods and herself remained.

        In the past, Idun subdued the Dragon of Poison with the power of the golden apple. The Dragon was then sealed in Enochian Tower by Idun and the others including Odin. Later, Odin sealed himself into the Tower as well, because he was losing his mind. Every time the horn sounded, Odin would be awaken by the bellow of the hungry Dragon. Idun would therefore climb the tower with her servants to alleviate the hunger of the Dragon. On her way, she never met any Gods that were willing to help. Only the Valkyries came to redeem their promise with Odin.

        Idun despised the deities who shared Odin’s power, yet she must share her overflowing power with them in order not to be devoured by the power of the golden apple... Idun could no longer stand their obstinacy. She promised to keep the power of the fruit of eternity, but she no longer shared the apples with any of the Gods. She spent most of her time in the garden of Holylight City. She would only leave when the horn sounded, when she needed to climb the tower to feed the Dragon of Poison.