The war between the Zodiacs and the gods was getting more and more intense, tearing the realm apart. Not only the land, but the element flow in the ocean was also unstable. These fluctuations stimulated Cthulhu who had been slumbering at the deepest part of the ocean; Pollux could feel its irritation even on the land miles away, but his mind was on the comrades who were fighting in the Enochian Tower with their blood and sweat.

        “If I can’t do this alone, then let’s find a new help.”

        Pollux walked into the sea until the water level met his shoulder. With a whistle, an all-white dolphin was summoned out of water, rubbing against him. The dolphin was the pet of Cateua the Court of Pisces, but the owner always left the liability to Pollux and disappeared. Therefore it had a closer bonding with Pollux rather than its real owner.

        “Delphinus,” Pollux whispered, with his head pressing against the dolphin.

        As Pollux paused his words, countless sparkling dust rose from his body, floating towards Delphinus’s white and moist body. Gradually, the sparkles fused with Delphinus, turning its fins into human limbs. Next moment, the dolphin was fully transformed into a girl.

        “Pollux, what just happened?” Delphinus asked.

        “I shared the astralist power with you. Now you’re a constellation and you have the ability to control elemental power. While I’m helping the other Zodiacs at the Enochian Tower, I need you to stop Cthulhu from waking up.”

“You can count on me!”

        Delphinus dived into the ocean after the departure of Pollux, heading to the slumbering Cthulhu. Despite being ambushed by demons, Delphinus managed to take them down with the astralist power. This day, a fluctuation that happened on the water surface had drawn her attention. Rising above water, she found that a ship was about to be sunk by a storm. Some of the people had already dropped into the ocean.

        “Oh no. Gotta help them!”

        Delphinus pulled the drowning victims to the nearest shore. Yet with all the victims in the accident, she couldn’t save them all by herself. Looking at the lives at stake, Delphinus freaked out.

        Meanwhile, the sky was raging with the thunderstorm flashing fiercely. Rumble! A deafening lightning bolt was about to blast the sinking ship. At this moment, a golden figure interfered, conjuring an extensive elemental shield to block the bolt. The stranger then raised a staff, where an elemental sphere was consolidated at the tip. When the sphere was launched at the sky, the thunderstorm got blasted into nothing and the ocean returned to its usual calm.

        After rescuing all the victims, Delphinus ran towards the white-hooded anonymous helper——Aether.

        “You’re incredible! It only took you a snap of a finger to blast away the storm. I can feel your godly power. You must be a divined god!”

        “I thought it was a Zodiac when I sensed the astralist power. Never expected to see this unknown girl here. She’s innocent...Looks like I can use her,” Aether plotted in her mind.

        “I’m just a low-ranking god. How about you? I can sense the astralist power in you. Are you a Zodiac?” Aether raised a fake smile.

        “No, I’m a constellation. My astralist power was granted by Pollux. He told me to stop Cthulhu from waking up.” Delphinus fell into Aether’s trap.

        “So it was the Court of Gemini who sent you? That’s great. In fact, I’ve re-casted a sedating enchantment at Cthulhu already, but I must leave for something important now. And I’m afraid that the demons might come to sabotage it. Can I count on you to keep the place safe?”

        “No problem. Lay it on me!”

        With Delphinus’s promise, Aether led her to the center of the ocean where there was a diamond-shaped glass house. Inside which, a blue enchantment was shining and flashing.

        “This is the enchantment. Please do you best to keep it safe. Demons are cunning. They might shapeshift into your friends to deceive you. You must not fall for that.”

        “That’s terrible. Thanks for the heads up. I won’t let anyone come any closer to this enchantment!” Delphinus believed in every word of Aether.

        Clenching her fists, the confident Delphinus farewelled Aether. Then she gazed at the Enochian Tower afar.

        “Pollux, I’ll keep the enchantment safe and keep Cthulhu from awakening!”

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