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        “You have created Inferno Melog?”

        “Not only me. Frost Savant and Nightfall Savant have created something similar as well. Can you?”

        Inferno Savant brought his newly-created weapon to find Illuminated Savant, see if he could mass produce it, enhancing the Demons' advantage on the battlefield. Looking at Inferno Combatant, the man in yellow robe started pondering. He used his power to examine the Combatant’s body, then shook his head.

        “It’s very difficult. It has the power of Gods in its body. To control it, we must use our own power as counter-balance.”

        “I can still give it a try, but I need its original blueprint.”

        “You’re a true professional, Illuminated Savant! The blueprint and analysis of golems are all here. Take a close look!”

        After putting down a pile of information, Inferno Savant left with the Combatant. Illuminated Savant flipped through a few pages and skimmed the information. He took the top few sheets and entered the back room. In the room, there were different kinds of equipment and machined parts. But the most eye-catching thing was the object in the middle of the room, covered by a white cloth. Illuminated Savant walked up to it and pulled down the cloth. Under the cloth was a humanoid creature, but one that only had an upper torso with sharp claws — yet neither complete nor activated.

        “How unexpected; those guys actually had the same idea as me!”

        “Should they be called Melogs? Since the Gods have golems, what we Demons have should be melogs.”

        Again, Illuminated Savant looked down to read the information in hand, murmuring to himself, intermittently raising his head to look at the creature. After a while, he took out a Runestone, infused his power into the Runestone, and stuffed it into the body of the creature. The unique eye of the creature started radiating immediately. It levitated towards the Savant. The Savant frowned with dissatisfaction. He had been studying this weapon for quite a period of time, and he found that although melogs were created as copies of golems, they were not as powerful as golems. All of a sudden, the Savant thought of the Combatant he saw a moment ago. Maybe, golems were a point of breakthrough for melogs. Again, he fell into deep thought, with a strange cougar appearing in his mind...