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        Yidhra the Mermaid had served Cthulhu loyally since she was born. She was devoted to guarding her master. To keep humans away from Cthulhu, she would summon rainstorms to block their way or hypnotize them with her singing. One day, a masked man in yellow came along and separated Yidhra from Cthulhu. Fortunately, a enthusiastic girl named Pupuro helped Yidhra reunite with Cthulhu. Later, the Dragon King Ao Guang agree to her request to stay with Cthulhu as its guard.
        Years later, many history-changing events had happened in the realm, but Yidhra had no interest in any of them. All she did was guard the only creature she cared about. Today, Yidhra dove into the sea to the sleeping Cthulhu as she usually did. She buried her face into Cthulhu’s chest to listen to its vigorous heartbeat.

        ”Master Cthulhu, why won’t you talk to me like you used to? Are you still mad at me because of I couldn’t protect you? I'd take the harshest blames if only you’d just speak to me…” Yidhra drowned herself in her memories. Cthulhu used to talk to her in her dreams every now and then. But it had never talked to her or even showed up in her dreams again since their reunion. Even so, Yidhra endured the loneliness and continued redirecting the vessel away from Cthulhu.

        Nothing special happened until this peaceful, sunny day. Yidhra went ashore to watch the sparkling waves splashing on the beach. She wondered why there wasn’t a single ship passing through the coast. This kind of sunny day should have been a perfect opportunity for humans to fill the shore with fishing boats. The unearthly quiet unsettled her. It reminded her of the day the masked man had visited her.

        ”Return to Master Cthulhu.” Yidhra’s premonition came true. When she arrived at Cthulhu’s side, a male voice sounded, ‘So this is the legendary Cthulhu. I feel its remarkable power. This power will aid Master Belial achieve his goal.’

        As Yidhra looked up cautiously, she exchanged looks with the bony man, Azazel. She yelled, ‘Who are you? I won’t let you profane Master Cthulhu!’ ‘What a troublesome woman. Get lost, or I’ll force you to.’ ‘I won’t surrender! I’ve warned you! Get lost or else…!’ Yidhra raised her head and began singing. The seawater around her swirled and formed a water ball that launched itself at Azazel. Azazel gathered water elemental power to summon a watery dragon, which then swallowed every single water ball but then splashed into spray right away from the great impact.

        ’Amateur magic.’ ‘Is that so? how about this?’ While Azazel was busy handling the water balls, Yidhra dashed to him and launched a water blade at him before he could react. However, her attack was blocked by a curtain of water that had risen from the ground. At that moment, Yidhra felt something piercing through her stomach. Looking down, she realized it was the watery dragon summoned by Azazel!

        ’You thought I couldn’t capture your shadow? You left too many openings for me.’ Azazel swung his hands, and the watery dragon vanished. Losing the support from the dragon, Yidhra slumped towards the seabed with her hands outstretched towards Cthulhu, but it was too far for her to reach.

        ”Master Cthulhu, I’m sorry. I’ve failed you again…” Her vision blurred as she watched Cthulhu’s shadow fade away...

        ”Yidhra, my servant,” a resonant voice pierced through Yidhra’s head. It was the voice she had been waiting to hear all this time.

        ”Master Cthulhu, you’re finally talking to me. Are you not mad at me anymore?” “Yidhra, you’ve been protecting me with all your efforts. Why would I blame you? The battle had exhausted my energy. Eventually, fatigue overtook my body, and I had to sleep.”

        ”Have you recovered yet?” “You still have time to worry about me? You’re about to die. Here, I’m transferring some energy to you. Blast that annoying rat away.”

        A dazzling blue light enveloped Yidhra’s body. Her bleeding wounds healed as immense power filled her spirit. Witnessing her radical change, Azazel murmured, ‘Did that monster heal your injuries…? Fine. I’ll defeat you one more time!”

        Azazel gathered elemental power and summoned a watery dragon larger than the previous one. Despite its monstrous size, Yidhra felt fearless. She raised her hands to converge water elemental power to produce a giant water ball.

        ’This is the closest you will ever get to Master Cthulu. Get lost!” Her water ball churned towards Azazel. The tremendous impact fraught with energy caused a sea tremor, scattered the watery dragon, and blew Azazel out of the sea. Yidhra stayed alert until the familiar voice sounded in her head.

        ”Yidhra, he left. Lower your guard.” “This time, this time...I managed to protect Master Cthulhu.“ You’ve done well...I haven’t heard you sing for a long time. Would you do that for me?” “My pleasure!”

        Yidhra leaned onto Cthulhu’s stomach and sang. Her voice was full of joy...