Mahonin had to root out all of her brothers to snatch the crown. She struggled to take Abram out, because he held a high moral standard and helped whoever was in need, which captured the hearts of the people including the ministers…

        A leader must possess a positive public will. To shake Abram’s position, Mahonin schemed an event to ruin his reputation. She invited him to visit the people together. He gladly accepted. They went to a distant village where the people was suffering from poverty. Her brother groaned, ‘Our country shines in prosperity, but these people can’t even afford to eat.’ The villagers surrounded him and whined, ‘The taxation isn’t fair! We barely have any money to pay tax, and yet those well-fed, filthy merchants are taxed the same rate as us!’

        Abram thought about the feasibility of lowering the tax rate, but Mahonin stressed that the country required a huge sum to cover regular government expenditure, gradually leading him to consider raising merchants’ taxes. He proposed an increase in the merchants’ taxes. Despite strong opposition from the ministers, he insisted on it, thinking that it would solve the imbalanced tax rates, but things did not go as he hoped. The merchants ingeniously raised their prices to transfer the tax burden onto customers! Eventually it only added fuel to the fire. Since then the ministers thought of him as reckless and autocratic. They eventually decided to favor Mahonin’s intelligence and calmness instead.

        Their father still believed in Abram even after his loss of minister support. It was not until the Sarmatian King agreed to betroth his daughter to Abram that his father despaire, but he already had a wife he treated as his only love and refused to marry the Sarmatians Princess.

        ’Ugh...How could Father betroth me to a stranger without letting me know?’

        ’Why’d you force yourself to love someone you don’t? A marriage without love is destined to be a tragedy.’

        Mahonin knew Abram never laid eyes on any woman except his wife. She took advantage of that to persuade him to turn down the betrothment. Abram intended to accept it for the sake of his country, but Mahonin convinced him that marrying another woman would be a betrayal to his wife. He firmly declined the political marriage. The Sarmatian King took that as an insult and severed diplomatic relations. Abram’s action was a huge disappointment to his father, who now regretted his decision on the heir to the throne.

Abram, once well-reputed, lost all support from his ministers and his father after those incidents. Although his father and his ministers all abandoned him, he still had his wife. One day, his attendant reported that his wife would go to a shop in the city whenever Abram had a meeting with his father and the ministers. She never left before dusk.

        Abram grew suspicious of his wife, so he stalked her to the shop, hoping it was just a rumor. As she walked through the door, the shop owner slammed the door shut. He approached to eavesdrop on their conversation, but heard lewd moanings instead. She was cheating on him. He staggered back to the palace tower and drank in the sight of his country. Everything seemed ironic. He had a wife who did not love him. He had a palace he did not own. He had a throne that did not grant him any influence in his government. These thoughts pushed him out of his window. Abram set himself free from his miserable life.

        Abram’s wife had been cheating since years ago, but she concealed it well. Mahonin paid Abram’s attendant and the shop owner for the whole thing to happen, to expose his wife’s affair. At last Mahonin had eliminated every brother. She became the only person eligible for the crown. When the whole country celebrated her coronation, a soldier came in cried that the Sarmatian army had launched an invasion and they would break into the capital soon!

        Sarmatia effortlessly took over Mahonin’s country. She lost her status and the things she stole from others. She glared at the Sarmatian flag and swore to destroy it by all means.

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